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Lockdown Lingo: Giving It The Best That We Got

Lingo changes with every era and crisis, and Lockdown Lingo is no different. There may be a more comprehensive list than the one I found. I added to the list myself. Why let someone else have all the fun?

I snatched it and put it on a tee shirt. My tee shirts have grown to 14 total and I’m still learning the ins and outs of woocommerce, so excuse any mistakes you find on my shop page. I hope to have it all in order by tomorrow or Tuesday.

Herewith the lith, er…list:

1. Coronials: Kids conceived during the quarantine

2. Elephant in the Zoom: The “issue” in the background during a video conference

Lockdown Lingo on ChezGigi.com

3. Corona-coaster: Quarantine mood swings. These change according to how bored you are, or what news items you’ve read recently.

4. Quarantinis: Cocktails made with whatever is on hand

5. Bored-eaux: Quarantine wine and….

6. Furlough Merlot

7. Mask-ara: The extra eye makeup worn to compensate for a mask

8. The Covid-10: Fattening the curve

9. Cov-idiot: Won’t stay home or wear a mask

10. The Stockdown: The plunge of the markets

And my favorite Lockdown Lingo phrase and one of the ones I made up:

11. Coverachiever: They had the perfect quarantine and achieved world peace. You can usually find them baking bread, while holding a yoga pose and teaching their kids algebra.

I put them all on a tee shirt and added them to CHEZGIGI TEES.


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