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Photos Too

Brandon and me

My son and I quite awhile ago. He’s 24 now. He put his cheek next to mine like he’d been posing professionally for years.

Hey, there’s me as a baby. I think there’s a resemblance between my son and I.



Grown up.

Pan Am Four

The Long and the Short of Pan Am. I’m second from the right.


Egypt circa Pan Am

Mom and her skates

Mom and her skates.


Mom and Braniff

Mom kept skating

Brandon, Gucci, and I.

Classic glam aviator.

Dad in jet

Dad and his jet. Took up a lot of space in the garage.

Hot on Cold Diana Stinson. Mom’s solo.

Here’s a good pic.

Mom and Dad and saddle shoes. Will they share a malted?

Sugar Baby.

Jupe and I

Jupie and I

Fifi and me. We’re both riding shotgun with Daniel Boone.

Mom and the Rambler

Little terrorist.

My son’s art work for his grandmother’s memorial. I love this so much.

My grandfather talking to William Holden on the set of a WWII movie.

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