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Buy DMSO Instead Of Toilet Paper: Use A Corncob Instead

Buy DMSO instead of toilet paper. This liquid might offer some protection from the coronavirus.

I wrote a post about DMSO a few months ago. My family uses it in some form almost every day; either to relieve aches and pains from exercise, injury, or arthritis, to stop an infection or an allergy attack, or to treat a toothache or a burn. We take it internally as well.

Speaking of burns, I used it for one most recently when I was in the hospital in January of this year recovering from hip replacement surgery. The hospital kitchen saw fit to send the soup up in a plastic bowl with insufficient handles. The soup was very hot — really, really hot. Because you cannot have soup that’s too hot when you’re serving it in a bowl without handles to someone who’s in bed and on drugs. Fortunately, I had my dropper bottle of DMSO at the ready. I should put a red cape on that little bottle.

Many people read the history of DMSO and the disclaimer that says, “Not intended for human use,” and it doesn’t matter what else they’ve read or heard about it, they refuse to even try it. Our tenant is like that. An older man, with respiratory issues, the hubs has been trying to get him to put a drop of DMSO in his nebulizer, or rub it into his chest, and he refuses.

These same people who refuse to try DMSO will blithely take any and all prescription drugs their doctor gives them without even reading the inserts. I read the inserts. I read them and run out of the house screaming.

I have avoided the usual year-end bronchitis, colds, and flu for over a year by rubbing a small amount into my neck and chest when I get so much as a scratchy throat. Whatever symptom there was is gone within minutes.

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Whatever else this buggers might be, they sure make pretty pictures.

The doc who worked with DMSO for thirty something years, believes in it heartily.

“Dr. Stanley Jacob, surgeon and researcher at Oregon Health Science University, believes in the power of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). Any why shouldn’t he? He founded the use of DMSO for a wide range of uses, including the treatment of interstitial cystitis (IC). Dr. Jacob has also been swallowing a teaspoon of DMSO every day for the past 32 years, and hasn’t had a cold or flu during that time.”

Usually, DMSO will stop an allergy attack right in its tracks. I rub a little in my ears — which has also helped my tinnitus from listening to rock music — put a touch inside my nose, and have even touched a bit to the corners of my eyes when the attack was so bad I couldn’t stop the tears streaming.

DMSO can burn sensitive skin, so it can be diluted with water (it will cause the container to be warm for a short time — a fascinating phenomenon), or in my case, I just rub some hydrocortisone cream in any spot that’s burning, because I’d rather use DMSO full strength. It has never caused any damage. Ironically, it can also treat a burn. I’ve used it in the kitchen and watched a burn disappear in seconds.

My family has continued to use it through this current coronavirus crisis, but despite my cautions, I got hit with allergies anyway. At least, I assumed it was allergies. My ears and throat were itching and I was sneezing.

I was frantically searching online for symptoms of the virus, a cold, the flu, and allergies. As usual, the symptoms all say almost the same thing, which does not tend to reassure a hypochondriac. Whatever is out there, we’re sure we have it.

The symptoms for the new coronavirus say that a cough, trouble breathing, aches and pains, and a fever are the symptoms. But those are the symptoms for the regular flu! But wait. One has a dry cough, one doesn’t. Now I’m frantically testing out my cough — is it dry or is it disgusting?

The articles say that allergies consist of sneezing and itching only. But if I get my regular aches and pains from working out, how will I know the difference between my allergies and the flu? And what about the poor bastard who has the flu, or a cold, or the new virus, AND is hit with allergies — seeing as how it’s spring? A fevered imagination is one thing, but a real temperature I didn’t seem to have, so I’m going to assume I’m okay for now.

I did go to the doctor the other day for a regular checkup, and behind me sat a man who coughed loudly every other minute. It was followed by that nasal snort wherein the cougher sucks it all up his nose. If I’d had a taser or a weensy gun, I can’t guarantee what I might have done. And then I would plead insanity and not be lying. So, I was a little nervous after I got home and started feeling punk.

They should give DMSO a go at this new virus. It’s one of the most powerful free radical scavengers known. I have no clue what they’re doing to treat people with Covid-19, but DMSO has the capacity to make disused drugs efficacious again. Not only that, but it takes medicines used in conjunction with it deep into organs and tissues.

“DMSO is a natural substance present in water. DMSO is used to treat scar tissue and has antibacterial properties. Although women are advised not to use it during pregnancy–and Dr. Jacob agrees that pregnant women should avoid any substance–DMSO is used to preserve frozen human embryos. No organ system is damaged by it, Jacob said. DMSO can interfere with liver function tests and give a false reading. That problem is remedied by simply waiting a week after treatment to take the test.”

They’ve used it in Chile to successfully treat babies with severe respiratory illness, and they use it liberally in Germany and other countries for various things.

Only here do they act so weird about it.

“It’s a square peg being pushed into a round hole,” says Dr. Jacob. “It doesn’t follow the rifle approach of one agent against one disease entity. It’s the aspirin of our era. If aspirin were to come along today, it would have the same problem. If someone gave you a little white pill and said take this and your headache will go away, your body temperature will go down, it will help prevent strokes and major heart problems — what would you think?”

I’m not a seller of DMSO, but we buy it on Amazon. There’s no need to buy it in a glass bottle, though some disagree. It’s been sold in plastic for decades. Should it arrive frozen, it will thaw and it isn’t hurt by being frozen. There are also gels, creams, and roll on dispensers. If you decide to try it, go slow. Read some articles about it, and watch some YouTube videos. There are a couple of books about it on Amazon as well.

I would buy DMSO instead of toilet paper because it may be something that helps more than twenty packages of multi rolls of toilet paper ever will.

buy dmso instead of toilet paper on chezgigi.com
What is that about anyway? Nowhere did I see the runs being mentioned as a symptom, but now I’m on the lookout. These people with carts full of TP might know something I don’t.

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