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Santa Is A Commie And Dr. Seuss Is Another John Carpenter: How I Ruin Icons

Santa is a Commie! That is the theme and title of a Christmas book a friend and I have published on Kindle.

Here it is:

Yet another attack on sacred institutions. Coming on the heels of a horror version of Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat. Click the link and read it if you have the fortitude.

I have already ruined many happy memories of the Dr. Seuss classic with my parody. And all I did was answer a question.

Amy Goldfarb, a friend on Quora, is an illustrator. She was inspired one day to turn my post about Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer into a book.

This is page 2 of the book. Or page 4. We’re supposed to count the front pages, too.

After a week of frights and scares and much hard work on Amy’s part (my story was mostly written so I didn’t have much to do), we got it uploaded to Kindle through Kindle Kids Book Creator.

The text is part of the pictures, which I like better than being on  separate pages.

We actually learned a great deal during this process, which was not always painless, and are ready to move forward with other “adult children’s books,” which could be a whole new genre. The link is for my Quora answer about the process.

I have already started an Alphabet series of books under the moniker of Dr. Screwleuss. A book about each letter in verse. With pop ups.

But next year, be prepared for Erotic Santa. He will be coming down a chimney near you. And there will be pop ups.

Oy vay.








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  1. udo andre

    OMG. Is nothing sacred?

    Two brilliant minds in kahoots create a masterful tome for the ages.


  2. Mary Nelson

    How do you feel about the Tooth Fairy!
    Or the Easter Bunny? On second thought, careful with Bunny. Anything that brings chocolate is good!
    But Tooth Fairy? Creeping into houses collecting teeth? Weird.

    • At least the Tooth Fairy didn’t pull them out herself, right? Dr. Screwleuss and the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny. I can do something with these! Thanks, Mary!

  3. Mary Nelson

    Have fun! Although I don’t know if the world is ready for this. ;))

    • The world won’t be unless it actually NOTICES us! Already have the Letter A done for my series. Or almost done. Just 25 more to go.

  4. Craig Jackson

    You got me when you wrote “adult children’s books”…

    May I assist you in working on starting to work on the Letter B ?

    • Yes, you may! Always happy for input and feedback! I think you’re idea to move forward with the horror book is a good one. Plagiarism doesn’t apply in this case because it’s a recognizable parody, not academic, and doesn’t take the place of the original. Thanks, Craig!

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