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Etsy, Etsy, Etsy: C’estGigi, A Woman’s Place

Etsy is a site for anything you could need. Almost.

Etsy began as a vintage site, clothing, jewelry, items from estate sales, and great handmade crafts.

I have my Showgirl Clay in my shop, C’estGigi: A Woman’s Place, and will be adding more items.

Etsy, etsy, etsy, and Showgirl Clay on Chezgigi.com

Showgirl Clay comes straight from the spot the Las Vegas showgirls of the 1960s got it. They’d hop in their little sports cars, and tool out to Tecopah, with the top down, to gather facial mask clay right from the volcanic source.

Tecopah is about an hour and a half out of Las Vegas, up in the hills where there are natural hot springs.

On the side of the road lies the green volcanic clay they gathered and brought home to use as a mask and sprinkle in their baths.

I use this clay myself. Before putting it into one of the deep blue reusable containers, I sift and sift it through a flour sifter, and make the clay silky smooth. Otherwise, it comes just as you see it in the picture. A light green in color, and with amazing abilities to clean the pores, and make your skin feel smooth and tight.

It has a pleasant, earthy smell. I wash it off in the sink or let it drain from the tub, and have not had a problem. It’s like washing earth off your hands after gardening. It doesn’t stain.

You can see by the lovely picture I took of myself and included in the shop pictures that I like it, and use it.

showgirl clay on Etsy and CestGigi


CestGigi: A Woman’s Place

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2 thoughts on “Etsy, Etsy, Etsy: C’estGigi, A Woman’s Place

  • October 21, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    As always you area good friend to everyone. I say sell your own goods and just point these people in the right direction. Remember how this always seems wind up when we go out of our way to help others.
    I think we should concentrate on rowing our own boat my Love.


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