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GoFundMe, Udo Andre, and Quora

I started a GoFundMe campaign last week. I’d never done one before and it was pretty simple. Write a few words, push a few buttons. Raising the money is another story altogether, but I feel like our fund is doing pretty well. We have over $500 of a $2500 goal.

I started it for a friend on Quora, whose answers I read, and from those I knew he has end stage COPD. I didn’t ask him about it, and I don’t know what inspired me, but I decided a small amount of money might be enough to do a lot of good. Udo’s an active man, or would like to be one again, and rather than lugging those heavy tanks, he could do a lot more with a compact oxygen concentrator.

I didn’t want to ask for some never ending amount of money, essentially asking strangers to pay bills indefinitely. Everyone is on a tight budget and shouldn’t be made to feel badly when they have obligations of their own to meet.

But Amy Goldfarb wanted me to ask a question about it and address it to her, so I did. She bowled me over with the results of her efforts with the pictures she did.

Forthwith, enjoy her answer and these awesome pictures!

When I first “met” Udo Andre on Quora all I knew is that he was very, very silly. I didn’t know that he was sick. I knew I was. I was in a lot of pain and he made me laugh. As my condition, which was never terminal, began to improve, I began to learn more about Udo. About his kindness and his compassion and his empathy and his struggle with end stage COPD.

I never focused on that though. He kept distracting me with poop jokes.

I’m going to tell you that it sent me briefly through a spin when he said he didn’t think he’d be here past the New Year on one of his answers. Because Udo is a person who was sick with me, and who I have come to respect and as much as you can love an Internet friend, to love. And as someone who has been circumstantially forced to live in my mind this year a lot, I really care about Udo. I can’t wrap my mind around why someone better than me, as a person, further along in his development- doesn’t get the opportunity to do as much more as I do after being sick. I want him to get to do as much as he can, and that’s why I’m writing this. Because we can help him do that.

Udo is someone I think about synonymously with vitality, a person who loves to be outside and on the go having adventures. But right now he is trapped and tethered to bulky oxygen tanks. He deserves to do what he wants on his terms as long as he can. He’s spunky and bold and brave and he should be mobile. Causing trouble. Looking at caves and collecting petrified poo. Really.

Gigi J Wolf was smart enough to start a GoFundMe for a small portable oxygen tank for Udo that would fit in a backpack and would get him moving again.

There’s a great photo of Udo on that page, and after talking to Gigi, we decided you might need a reminder of what Udo looks like on the go so you can understand how important it is to get him moving.

Using the photo on the link above, I sent Udo on a journey. Here it is :

Udo loves to swim and play pranks, as all of us know. Udo and even royalty should not miss out on his sense of joy:

Udo is an adventurer, and no bulky oxygen tanks should stop him from popping up anywhere he wants to go:

Udo is multitalented, and he should not be restricted in exploring all of his many hobbies and questionable fashion choices:

Udo should be able to visit friends! I very selfishly hope he makes it anywhere near the Big Apple – but I know there are many loved ones he wants to see and laugh with and at:

gofundme on

Udo in New York!

Udo is a mystery and he loves to explore other mysteries. He should be doing that!

There is only one place Udo should ever be weighed down by bulky oxygen tanks if he decides to visit. And the only reason it would be OK is because of the astronaut ice cream. It’s atypical though so you should still support this endeavor!

If you can help Udo, please do.

He’s the kind of person who would help anyone who needed it.

He’s the kind of big hearted person who deserves to be happy and supported by a community he loves and is loved by and contributes to constantly.


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  1. Mary Nelson

    This was really sweet of you to do

  2. udo andre

    Thank you so much, Gigi. And I thank Amy for her hard work on those hilarious pictures.
    I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe. (And I can hardly breathe anyway!)

    You two are the greatest.

  3. amy goldfarb

    I need this to be posted in a context I agree with totally for my work to remain posted.

    Please amend. – Amy Goldfarb

    • I don’t know what you mean, Amy. It’s your answer, exactly as you wrote it. If you want me to take it down, say the word and I will.

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