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Who Can Say Life Is Boring? Cloak And Dagger At Quora

Who can say life is boring? People think life after retirement is a snooze. Ha. Here’s the latest in the Quora saga, or as I like to call it: Life is Never Boring When There are Maniacs To Season the Quiet Daze.

It’s been a busy week, for one thing. Not only did I see a man walk his turtle at the park, which was awesome:, but I was made aware when the views on my blog were climbing on the stalker posts, that the perp was up to something again.

Indeed, I was right and you can find his answers about me, as well as my updates here.

Walking a turtle takes patience.

I added RK’s latest criminal activity, including his new answers about me, me, me (you know, the narcissist), a picture of the restraining order, and a picture of him and some of his screen shots to the post. I also posted the whole shebang on Medium.

He’s left six new comments to me, one of which I posted at the bottom on the cyberbullying-wolf-bites-back.

The comment is from ‘Quora User’. They all sound like him, though being the little dickens he is, he uses a different moniker on each one, like Dickhead. That’s so spot on, he must have been talking to his wife when he came up with that one.

Turns out, people can use an IP address from a different country, and since he mentioned ‘northern England’ in one comment, I suspect his girlfriend of Gia Sena soaps helped him out, so he could send anonymous nasty messages to me. The comments will be printed out and go with me to court in March for an extension of the protection order.

If he’s going to keep messing with me, I’m going to push back. That’s how we roll with cowardly douches.  He even mentioned me on his profile page when he deactivated on Sunday or Monday, and has since deleted it.

Today, when I wrote this, is Tuesday. Yesterday (that would be Monday, December 11, 2017), I got a rambling, complicated response to the stalker post on Medium:

I didn’t have a clue what LCR was talking about, so I went ahead and emailed her. She asked for help and I wasn’t going to ignore her.  In response, I received two or three turgid, over the top stories about stalkers, hackers using RK’s account, and about how she’s drinking and down to 92 pounds. (Okay, I get that people like being on Quora, but that’s a little excessive. I can’t help anyone to that extent.)

I looked up this person’s account on Quora and indeed, she’s been banned. She seemed nice enough, so I didn’t understand, and believe me, you wouldn’t understand either.

Here’s an excerpt from one of her emails. In another ‘she’ mentions that the hacker ‘appeared on her street after threatening in an email to ‘cut her up’:

Of course if you were to ask me what color the sky is right now id go outside and check before answering.

I woke up to sob, and of course do a cursory check of the property.(lol) And I happened to check the phone and read your kind reply. You made me feel not invisible again.

Most folks I had begged to maybe just listen were more afraid of Quora punishing them than a crazy, hacking stalker making violent threats!! That’s mind blowing to me. Rumor has it, 2-3 reports. I realize what is my final undoing NOW. While under my sisters account I received a nice dic pic in my messages. I reported him immediately. That’s two strikes under my ip address. Doesn’t matter that I’m the victim here. I could report two a day on Twitter. Quora allows 2-3 before bots collect info.

I had jumped onto my twin sisters Quora account after my recent ban. Yes, I had become fairly use to the banning at that point-I swear I’m guilty as charged on that one. But I had reason to be concerned. I didn’t know difference between hacker dude and Quora administrator. I was jumping around trying to reposition and catch whoever was doing this to me. My prior dude, had tried to convince me he was sorta part of quora administration. I thought it was in response to me reaching out for help. I had always used an alias.( Not until I was familiar with Quora policy and realized its seen as a fairly serious violation.) I wanted to take steps to correct but big surprise- Quora never did respond.

Finally, this anonymous person slides in and says that its alright, Quoras here to help. And two days after I’m edit blocked under Lilley Tool, my original name,

From messenger, Facebook app, a person informs me that I need to change my name to something else again but leaves no details.

At first I wasn’t comfortable doing it. I didn’t want another ALIAS. But since I figured it was Quoras site, and they were possibly trying to assist. I even tried my own name. It wouldn’t take it. So it sorta morphed into Christine Parker. The account is gone but (name deleted) knew me then. Upvoted me tons. Surely we answered some of the same questions. I was an orange grown up cat then(hey, I didn’t say I was original..) I upvoted (name deleted) too.

Suddenly, clouds parted and the sun came out. I was magically unblocked. Plus messenger reappears and says, “nice job”!! WTF???

Could be a skilled hacker or a Quora software engineer perhaps had a few too many and messing with me. Who knows? All I know is that I may get confused about identifying a person but I’m not lying.  End excerpt.

That isn’t all to this story. Someone I’d listed in my latest ‘who to follow’ answer was banned that day.  LCR mentioned her several times. I deleted the name from this message. This Laura Ruhl was warning me about her. Why, I don’t know. It’s the person who sent me the screen shots of RK’s screaming comments shown in the What Happened When I Was Stalked post.

Still with me?

I began to be suspicious about the time I got the first email. I did an IP address search and the location popped up in Kansas. Under it, there were a great many comments about it being a scammer location. Now, the red flags are really flying.

She’d given me an alternate email address to use and I did a search on that. And guess whose face popped up? This one:



I knew that face. It was the guy over whom Mary G had been banned after she questioned who he was. I emailed her to get his name and he’s still on Quora with 50k followers. And he has Laura Ruhl’s email? Weird and weirder. Ruhl follows RK, though. More interesting.

That’s when I checked Klugman’s account to see if he followed this Macedo guy and saw he’d deactivated yesterday because, get this, his ‘phone had died’. Uh-huh.

RK tends to deactivate when he’s making trouble or throwing a tantrum. And it’s all happening at the same time. I’m not saying RK is this Macedo, nor am I saying he’s Ruhl. I think Macedo is Ruhl, and he’s doing some dirty work for RK, who thinks deactivating is the way to, I don’t even know.

Which oddly, is another of the the email addresses of that person who left the nasty comments on the cyberbullying post. The latest one was: ‘Rick Klugman didn’t leave those messages on your blog.’

Now how would someone who lives in ‘northern England’ know that for sure? Is he living with RK and keeping an eye on him, slapping his tiny hand when he gets antsy with the nasty messages to women?

I know it’s fruitless to ask why a person didn’t turn left when they could have turned right and avoided that whole mess on the turnpike, but I gotta ask anyway.

Wouldn’t it have made more sense to just ask politely for his friend’s stuff and offer to pay for the shipping (she got it back anyway, just as I promised, but I was never reimbursed for the shipping costs as I was promised by her), instead of going down this bizarre path and bringing a mudslide down on his head?

Some people love to wallow in the mud. Some people never quit. Let’s see what comes next.







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  1. Nelson Mary

    Good grief.
    That’s about all I can say.

  2. Wolf Man

    Oh how twisted and weird people can get.
    Is it just me or do I see a Lifetime Movie in all this :>}

  3. Nelson Mary

    Another book, always good.
    But as for a movie, more Creature Features!

    • Creature Features might feature those tats. Man. I want to use this stuff in a book somewhere. Maybe a YA, and internet harassment, etc. I wrote a post here on Lifetime Movies Tell a Tale of Whoa! So fun. I went through their lineup one day, and it was amazing.

  4. Mickey Bencetích

    Okay I’m out of my chair laughing!! That’s a face only a mother could love… right? Too bad ‘some’ people on Quora don’t have another life. TCH!

    • You mean we shouldn’t have to put up with smelly and icky things? I agree. Did you get my text? Hahaha! Yes, the Loy/Laura/RK/GK thing is too weird for words.

  5. Mickey Bencetích

    Yes that’s what I mean and scary guy or girl….? Hahaha! Texted you back.

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