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The Wolf Bites Back Is LIVE On Amazon’s Kindle!

Cyberbullying is a modern and ubiquitous canker sore of the internet. It entails the use of electronic devices to aggressively target someone for harassment, stalking, name calling, and attempts to embarrass, intimidate, suppress, and/or threaten them. It’s prevalent in the internet age.

(There’s quite a conversation in the comments between me and Lance Furlong. He asked me for the details of how this mishegoss started. In the post linked below, I provide details of what happened when Klugman stalked me, what I did about it, and I’ve included a pic of the temporary protection order and a pic of the perp.)

Since I’ve published my book, the two main perpetrators have left one star reviews on this book and my other books, trashing them and me in their comments on Amazon. Amazon had to remove them twice, which is apt for the subject matter of cyberbullying, a fact I brought up to Amazon. If they continue doing it, they’ll lose privileges on Amazon.

I wrote a post naming them and offered to take it down if they left me alone. They refused, but I took it down when their reviews disappeared.

The book isn’t ‘about’ them, and makes no mention of their names. They insist on outing themselves. Their reviews reappeared and again, I wrote to Amazon, and they disappeared again.

Meanwhile, on Quora, I continue to be subjected to bizarre behavior from the putative subject of the book. She stalks me obsessively and inserts herself in my conversations in comment threads despite my having blocked her over a year ago. I won’t name her because she gets off on it in a creepy way.

My book is supposedly ‘filled with lies’ about her. She forgets that there are several people who know exactly what happened and were witness to all of it. I haven’t made up one darn thing. I notice in her rants on Quora never once has she specified exactly what I’m lying about in the book. Not once.

She posts screen shots of things in Quora comment threads that I’ve written there and on my blog, or of her emails, the last being from Amazon concerning her trashing my book. She lost that battle, and it didn’t improve her temper any, a temper I liken to that of a maddened bull with a burr under his tail. She complains that I’ve deleted the things she has screen shots of, as if deleting and editing the written word is an unheard of occurrence and proves the writer is Up to No Good. How dare I!

The last person she did this to simply told her she wasn’t improving her case any with her behavior, the most spot on remark I’ve read in ages.

She has a beef with me, one that is interfering with her mental stability, which teeters dangerously as it is. She needs to either get that long awaited attorney with whom I’d love to speak (I’ve been waiting to hear from her friend’s attorney also. What’s the delay?) or write a bestseller about her beef. Beef, bull. Interesting.

From the beginning, she and her friend have been convinced of their right to interfere with me, to stalk, harass, attempt to intimidate, embarrass, and trash me.

This is all grist for the cyberbullying mill and will be added to the Wolf Bites Back book. As usual, bad behavior comes back to bite the perp in the heiney.

Below is the link to the post I wrote about Rick Klugman, the criminal stalker who is friends with the above mentioned person. He, along with a couple of other friends, stalk me on Quora and insert themselves in comment threads and harass the user who wrote the answer.  In one comment thread, he was screaming at the person.

I posted screen shots of his comments, of him, his defacing of public mail (was that what he meant when he said he’d asked me to ‘substantiate’ my claims? Ohh…), and of him on the post below:

What Happened When I Was Stalked On The Internet: Rick Klugman

A friend on Quora told me he’s going to submit the book to his school’s librarian. This gave me the idea to make it print on demand and submit to schools around my area. It’s short and easy to read.

I’ve been targeted by them and a few of their friends on Quora for the last year and a half. Quora’s lack of protection from them is one reason my attitude toward the site has changed for the worse.

In the past three weeks, I’ve read books and articles on the subject of stalking, harassment, cyberbullying, and public shaming. There is a wealth of information out there, which kind of speaks for itself, and now with my little book, there’s even more.

Writing this book has to be some kind of record for me. I wrote it in a week, typing every day for 12 hours straight, ordered the cover, left the manuscript alone for a week to let it ripen and the yeast to rise, wrote more in it off and on for two more weeks, edited it numerous times, and then uploaded it to Kindle.

Teen suicides are on the rise, and cyberbullying is one of the causes. I’m very glad to see people prosecuted for the crime of internet bullying. It’s become some kind of sick sport for many adults and kids. They don’t understand, and the group on Quora doesn’t care, how damaging their behavior is.  The internet needs role models, because many kids have never been exposed to decent ones. They watch adults bully and harass co-workers and strangers on the internet and at work and school.

Cyberbullies, like all bullies in general, are insecure, lacking in imagination, talent, empathy, and compassion. They most likely have arid or abusive home lives. It may be too late for the adults who behave abominably, but it’s not too late for kids to learn how to treat others as they’d like to be treated.

Bullies also feel weak, impotent, and insecure. They strike out. Why they act the way they do is irrelevant to their targets. I don’t care about their purported reasons, or their psyches. For a year and a half, I’ve put up with near constant abuse and harassment, followed by stalking, trashing me over and over, all coupled with malicious reporting and downvoting of my content on Quora.

Their intent was to drive me off the site, or get me banned. They temporarily succeeded. I went away and wrote a book about it.







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  1. Betsy

    Excellent Gigi! Should you send a copy to #45 & Melania? Her first lady platform is Bullying.

  2. Majo Yohannan

    We are with you Gigi! It’s no longer a personal fight towards cyber bullying against your writing .we are joining our hands in your struggle and freedom fight.
    It’s really sad to know teens who are the promises of tomorrow getting affected of this weird bullies.
    Fortunately you found a way to bite back and made a platform to feel the bite painful.
    It’s really tough to figure out the motive behind bullying.
    All the best Gigi!
    Thank You!

    • It’s always existed, and always will Majo. As a species, we have a long way to go. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement!

  3. Mickey

    Looking good! Can’t wait to read it Gigi!

    • I’m sending you a copy today, Mickey! It will keep you busy for a week, after which…well, we’ll just see.

  4. Gunjan Negi


    Wow!! Amazing. Only last month(or was it the month before that), you were telling me about writing this book and already it’s completed an four there.

    12 hours ! You’re phenomenal Gigi. I must learn something from you! Great work! ☺️

    • Thank you, Gunjan! You sprite! That’s what Emily calls you. Yes, now I have to really get my Deep Down book done. I was inspired to write this one RIGHT NOW, so I had to, y’know?


    Very good my Love. Now I must read it,now that it’s finished.
    In my experience most bullies are cowards, but not all. Some are willing and able to fight. However in this context it’s just sheer cruelty and anger.

    These people are not stable mentally. But it is hard to have sympathy or empathy for ones so nasty.

    Keep up the good fight my Love, by your side I will always be.

    • Thank you, honey! You’re right, some are just itching for a fight. I know the main two are. I hope you enjoy the book, which I know you will! Kisses!

  6. Lance Furlong


    Bit of a phone mishap in the previous comment!

    I just came here from your quora profile. Like wow!

    What is…up!

    You cliam they’re harrasing you, they claim you harrassin them. Both parties accuse the other of lying.

    This as been going on for a year???

    Why doesnt anyone… try ignoring tje other. I meam its just emails and quora messages right?

    • Hi Lance- It’s been going on for almost two years now. I’ve never harassed them. The whole story is on I’m quite happy to leave them alone, and in fact, things were pretty quiet when RK was gone for three months. My, those were good times. Things were quiet for the last month or two, and then I saw the views climbing on that link I sent you, so I knew something was up, and indeed it was.

      As soon as he came back this last April and had enough followers again, I started having trouble. Why he’d blame me for his leaving, I still have no clue. Apparently, you can’t be a criminal stalker and be on Quora at the same time. This whole thing started over the smallest of sparks and burned out of control. We all blocked each other (despite me being his ‘friend’ he blocked me because his friend told him to, because she was angry at me- middle school enough for you?) and should have just moved on. But they began to trash me on Quora instead. Tatiana has the record of it. So do I, for that matter. I have the email I sent her and a copy of Spartiatis’ post and their comments. What pissed them off was someone actually fighting back. They hated that. They should have been allowed free reign to do whatever they wanted, and shame on me for spoiling that.

      I leave people to make up their own minds about me. If they’re my friends, they’ll take their stories with a grain of salt. I don’t have mental or emotional problems, I don’t take meds for bipolar disorder, I’m not a self-proclaimed ‘sociopath with a personality disorder’, I’ve never attempted suicide or broken the law. You’ll never find anything on Quora I’ve written about either of them. Their ‘harassment’ claim is one email I sent to a mutual acquaintance telling her to tell them to stop messing with my answers. I believe it was RK and another acquaintance who were reporting and collapsing them. Until I wrote today’s update in my post about stalking, I never did anything to her or her business. I have no clue who was sending her messages, but my best guess would be him. It’s his kind of thing, and I speak from personal experience. I have the evidence of his stalking, they have nothing of substance.

      After reading his latest three nasty answers about me yesterday, the gloves are off. He doesn’t learn I won’t take any of it lying down. If that makes me ‘obsessed’ or ‘crazy’ or a ‘lying narcissist’ (what a joke- he doesn’t even know me, and he’s psychologically diagnosing me because I’m nice to people), then so be it. Don’t cry crocodile tears that my post is exacerbating your mental problems if you’re going to keep messing with me. Speaking for him, of course. I have no other reason to have anything to do with them. I detest them.

      • Lance Furlong

        You literally have a book worth of this stuff.

        I obviously havent read all of your stuff (same goes for thiers)

        But what puzzles me is the origin, which no one seems to elobarate. How exactly did this start? How does a simple quora interaction turn into THIS? The subsequent events and escalation seems to be well elaborated but not the origin. What EXACTLY happened in the beginning?

        • Yes, I do! And I put it in the book, too. I’m going to be overhauling it this week. I got some great feedback and editing just today.
          Anyway, like most things of this nature, it was pretty stupid. I think Spartiatis had secretly hated me for awhile, which was why it turned ugly. Klugman, I don’t know.

          Her friend, Sullivan, would message me with stuff Spartiatis was saying in comments about Americans. In one, Spartiatis said all Americans were hillbillies. She says she was joking, and she may have been, I don’t know. I responded by saying ‘provincial ignorance’ annoyed me. That’s literally how it started. She blocked me, told Klugman to block me, and they began to trash me in posts.

          In response to their trashing, I wrote a post about internet bullying and made a snide comment about their ‘friendship’, which ticked them off no end. They completely ignored the fact that they were responsible for why I wrote it. I deleted the comment and eventually the post because it upset his wife. Considering how she responded when I asked for her help to stop her husband from harassing me, “It’s your responsibility to get rid of him,” I wouldn’t do so again. She’s as bad as they are.

          They like to pretend it was that comment alone that started it all, because they want to look completely innocent. Pretty stupid, huh? All of us.

          Like I said, had they blocked me and then moved on, you and I wouldn’t be talking now. Spartiatis kept it up while RK was gone, too. She wrote posts blaming me for his absence. Then he took over when he came back. Then she’d take over. They’ve never let much time go by before starting in on me again. They will never admit it, but they had 46 of my answers collapsed.

          The jewelry thing with his friend was just an excuse for Klugman to start harassing me. I think he’s done it to other people, because he’s so good at it. My business wasn’t any of his business, but if he’d just emailed and asked me politely to send it back to her, it would have been fine. I sent it back within two or three weeks anyway. He could even have offered to pay for shipping if he cared so much for his friend.

          I’ve never figured out why he decided he hated me. I never did anything to him.

          • Lance Furlong

            One more thing. KS claims that you’re sending her threatening and angry emails. While you claim that it is RK who is secretly responsible for those.

            Was this proven either way?

            Just FYI, in case you didn’t know there’s a way to verify the origin IP address of an email. It’s easy but not obvious. Unless the perp was using a vpn, the source of those emails can be found. If it really was RK then they’ll probably blow each other up. If it is you, you’ve a lot of explaining to do.

            This is something definitely worth looking into.

          • To address your comment: I learned quite a bit about IP addresses.I discovered it was Klugman sending me emails under different names like ‘Jed Clampett’ after the restraining order was issued. They came at the same time every week, two of them from a clump of trees in North Dakota. He’d stopped using his other phone or something. But it matched what an interstate trucker would do and where he’d be, in the middle of nowhere on a road not far from the Missouri River and the interstate, and a subpoena for the phone records or his GPS would prove it.

            All Spartiatis has to do is check those IP addresses and see where they’re coming from. If they’re from Las Vegas, I have no clue. I keep my distance from them and haven’t sent her an email for almost two years. I don’t know that Klugman is doing it, I just thought it’d be funny if it was him.

            Besides which, he’s very good at the game. I have a three inch thick file on his emails and messages when he used the same IP address. He also claims he didn’t send me those other threatening messages under ‘The Pastor’s Wife, Jed Clampett, and a Retired Marine Sergeant’. I don’t believe anyone else did, because he uses language like ‘narcissist’ and ‘bully pulpit’. Where else have you read those words? Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

            She and Klugman both have attacked my looks, my disability, my age, my skills as a writer.

            People like me so I must be a phony. People like them, too. And they both say nice things to people in comments. Does that make them phony, fake, narcissists, too?

          • Majo Yohannan

            Puzzle solved.
            Let’s fill our heart ❤️ with love.
            Do not allow your energy be wasted on this anymore.
            With zeal and love ,Majo

          • Majo, it’s so strange you should leave this comment today. I woke up feeling very cleansed. I need to overhaul the book, and I wasn’t feeling it. I think it will go better, now. I can’t fill my heart with love at this time, but I can let it go. Let it float, float, float up into the blue skies, like a balloon. There it goes, Majo! Hugs!

          • Majo Yohannan

            Gigi,let me repeat your words “but I can let it go. Let it float, float, float up into the blue skies, like a balloon. There it goes, ”
            I only wish your happiness Gigi, my goodness !
            With so much love in my heart..
            Sweet hugs and kisses!

          • Thank you, Majo! Wouldn’t it be fun to meet one day?

          • MajoYohannan

            Ohh Gigi, believe me ,I have always imagined this.I saw your message first thing in the morning.after I read your message I start simply walking around my home with a smile, I couldn’t really believe and was thinking what to write. If I were a bird I would be flying to you but that not gonna happen. I can promise you if I ever get a chance to visit US I will fly to vegas to meet you but that’s we cannot expect in near future. And the easiest option you can visit india and stay in my home as long as you wish without worrying about any expenses of food and accommodation and experience South Indian culture and if you want I will travel with you to any part of India.
            I believe you not been to India.
            And that’s also not possible let’s wait few more years, who knows.. I may be flying to vegas one day only to meet you.
            You are true, it would be fun to meet one day and let it happen before we all die on an unexpected moment.with love, Hugs!

          • I have been to India many times, Majo. Pan Am had the round the world trip. We went to New Delhi and Karachi, and I’m sure some others, but I can’t remember right now. I would love to visit you, and I hopeI you can visit here. It’s very different from India, but you’ll like it! Don has never traveled the world, although he’s traveled the United States. I’d love to show it to him.

          • Majo Yohannan

            Round the world trip, that’s a great thing ,Gigi!I know Pan am is not operating now .but I can see those days were so beautiful , flying around the world while you were at work and enjoying yourself. I do know all kinds of jobs have its ups and downs but for those who enjoy flying ,is a rewarding career.
            For Indians to visit Karachi I think there are many issues. And to US VISA application process not really easy . I believe so.
            New Delhi is very much crowded now and we’re suffering from fog and air pollution.
            I would love to have you here and
            So I will wait and wait till we meet one day.
            And lastly Gigi, I appreciate and happy to say thank you for being so kind with me when I say ,let it go ,even it was hard to say so.
            I hope everything will change over time.
            I am looking for the cycling stories with your new bought shwinn ladies cycle. I think that one will have a upright posture and won’t be a strain on your back. Thank You.
            Take care, with love ❤️, ,

          • It was wonderful, but I’m not sure I could do it now. Too much craziness and no customer care. And even then, it wasn’t safe, and may have been more dangerous. Where exactly do you live?

            You never know, Majo. You never know. You are most welcome. You are very sweet young man, and yes the bike looks to be very comfortable. I have a mountain bike and used to ride it all the time, but it’s very big and heavy. Hugs!

          • Majo Yohannan

            Thank You so much Gigi,I mean it.

            The issue with the MTB is bike is really slow on highways.My father rides one cycle looks exactly the one you bought now. Whenever I start riding I feel right at home and very comfortable but not easy for uphill.I have one MTB and one Trek 1.1 road bike. Road bikes, before you realise you could go so long but roads are not good where I live.
            I am from southern state, Kerala.
            Kerala is famous for Cocnut trees but again no more serious farming, that is a sad story.
            I ride a bike, I swim occasionally ,all professional tips I learned from books and YouTube and only after 20 years or so. My village is not a remote area but still not really connected to town.Nearest airport is COK,
            Many stories coming when I start thinking about my childhood and school days, let’s talk about it later.

            In Johns gospel only one word is prevalent and it is ” Love ”
            I feel sleepy, Gigi. Hugs !

    • I saw that! Your message came out pretty garbled.

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