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Cyberbullying is a modern and ubiquitous canker sore of the internet age.

Update, October 06, 2017, ie, Rick Klugman, criminal stalker: Under the profile of ‘Matthew’ he’s systematically leaving my books one star reviews and trashing them. This is a violation of his protection order and will be reported to the Las Vegas Justice Court. I’ve also reported his profile to Amazon. I will report any others that appear suspicious to Amazon as well. This is ‘Matthew’s’ profile:

These horse’s asses need to leave me and my friends alone.  They can’t figure this out. Their mental processes escape me. No doubt because there are no mental processes to speak of.

Cyberbullying entails the use of electronic devices to aggressively target someone for harassment, stalking, name calling, and attempts to embarrass, intimidate, suppress, and/or threaten them. It’s prevalent in the internet age.

I’ve been targeted by a group on Quora for the last year and a half. Quora’s lack of protection from them is one reason my attitude toward the site has changed so drastically for the worse.

In the past three weeks, I’ve read books and articles galore on the subject of stalking, harassment, cyberbullying, and public shaming. There is a wealth of information out there, which kind of speaks for itself, and now with my little book, there’s even more.

Writing this book has to be some kind of record for me. I wrote it in a week, typing every day for 12 hours straight, ordered the cover, left the manuscript alone for a week to let it ripen and the yeast to rise, wrote more in it off and on for two more weeks, edited it numerous times, and then uploaded it to Kindle.

Teen suicides are on the rise, and cyberbullying is one of the causes. I’m very glad to see people prosecuted for the crime of internet bullying. It’s become some kind of sick sport for many adults and kids. They don’t understand, and the group on Quora doesn’t care, how damaging their behavior is.  The internet needs role models, because many kids have never been exposed to decent ones. They watch adults bully and harass co-workers and strangers on the internet and at work and school.

Cyberbullies, like all bullies in general, are insecure, lacking in imagination, talent, empathy, and compassion. They most likely have arid or abusive home lives. It may be too late for the adults who behave abominably, but it’s not too late for kids to learn how to treat others as they’d like to be treated.

Bullies also feel weak, impotent, and insecure. They strike out. Why they act the way they do is irrelevant to their targets. I don’t care about their purported reasons, or their psyches. For a year and a half, I’ve put up with near constant abuse and harassment, followed by stalking, trashing me over and over, all coupled with malicious reporting and downvoting of my content on Quora.

Their intent was to drive me off the site, or get me banned. They temporarily succeeded. I went away and wrote a book about it.







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  1. Betsy

    Excellent Gigi! Should you send a copy to #45 & Melania? Her first lady platform is Bullying.

  2. Majo Yohannan

    We are with you Gigi! It’s no longer a personal fight towards cyber bullying against your writing .we are joining our hands in your struggle and freedom fight.
    It’s really sad to know teens who are the promises of tomorrow getting affected of this weird bullies.
    Fortunately you found a way to bite back and made a platform to feel the bite painful.
    It’s really tough to figure out the motive behind bullying.
    All the best Gigi!
    Thank You!

    • It’s always existed, and always will Majo. As a species, we have a long way to go. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement!

  3. Mickey

    Looking good! Can’t wait to read it Gigi!

    • I’m sending you a copy today, Mickey! It will keep you busy for a week, after which…well, we’ll just see.

  4. Gunjan Negi


    Wow!! Amazing. Only last month(or was it the month before that), you were telling me about writing this book and already it’s completed an four there.

    12 hours ! You’re phenomenal Gigi. I must learn something from you! Great work! ☺️

    • Thank you, Gunjan! You sprite! That’s what Emily calls you. Yes, now I have to really get my Deep Down book done. I was inspired to write this one RIGHT NOW, so I had to, y’know?


    Very good my Love. Now I must read it,now that it’s finished.
    In my experience most bullies are cowards, but not all. Some are willing and able to fight. However in this context it’s just sheer cruelty and anger.

    These people are not stable mentally. But it is hard to have sympathy or empathy for ones so nasty.

    Keep up the good fight my Love, by your side I will always be.

    • Thank you, honey! You’re right, some are just itching for a fight. I know the main two are. I hope you enjoy the book, which I know you will! Kisses!

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