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Leo And Mike Two Artists From The Renaissance, Get Quorphaned By The Toxic Trio: A Quora Story

I’m editing this post and removing a lot of it. I don’t intend to waste anymore time on these three stooges from Quora, Rick Klugman, Kelley Spartiatis of Gia Sena homemade soaps, and Cassandra Sullivan. Someone was trying to negotiate a truce among us, but it isn’t going to work, mainly because I don’t trust any of them.

Spartiatis’ wording in her ‘bullying’ post is typical of Chicken Little who speaks only her truth: I sent one email to Jacky Dror telling her to tell her crazed friends to quit collapsing my answers.

Klugman’s dirty little fingers are all over this. I recognize his work through his stalking me on here and other places, although I think they have recruited other weasels to do their dirty work.

I’ve told no one to ‘target her’ or do anything else to her. That’s her fear talking, because she knows she’s guilty of a multitude of things, which have long since been deleted.

She knows I mean what I say, though I’ve done nothing to her since her threatening, bizarre email to me a year and a half ago, which I posted under For Your Eyes Only.  I’m getting a lot of visitors from the Easter eggs in the form of links to my blog the Stooges are leaving all over Quora in attempts to trash me. Why would you send people to read the things you’ve done that are naughty? The logic escapes me.

I guess it’s true; there’s no such thing as bad publicity. As for the people who read my posts and think I’m making it all up, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

I’m fed up with this looney tunes band of weirdos. Spartiatis is lucky I don’t post my new story line about her and her creepy friend,  a fairy tale about children who ‘disappear’, boiled to make soap….

It’s such a good story and so  much fun, I’m still tempted, and only the cool heads of my hubby and friends are preventing me from it. I’m still waiting to hear from her soliciTAH. Any day now….

Klugman has begun tagging and maligning my friends on Quora, one of whom is a retired marine and attorney. My friend’s response to it? “Bet he still respects deputy sheriffs.” My friend is also a retired sheriff, and two sheriff deputies in Klugman’s home state of Pennsylvania have tried and successfully served him a restraining order from Nevada.

The putative peacemaker almost succeeded, when I found out the Toxic Trio are still telling people I have Sullivan’s jewelry, which was returned to her within a week or two of her asking for it, in November of 2016.

Matters not what you say, people will decide you’re lying based on who they CHOOSE to believe. Makes you rather leery of a jury trial, doesn’t it?

Here’s my response to the peacemaker and why my response is No:

Klugman is a mean and deviant, mentally ill sneak. Kelley’s just a garden variety back stabber, and Cassandra is a hanger on, the little weasel that the bad guys use to do the dirty business they don’t have time for.

I appreciate the time and effort you put into trying to make peace. No one else has bothered, and I think what you’re trying to do is commendable. But it isn’t going to work. Too much damage has already been done. I’m sure I should have ignored the whole thing from the beginning. Seems in these situations, you can neither win nor lose.

Keep quiet, people think you’re guilty of something; open your mouth, people think you’re trying to ‘defend’ yourself because you’re guilty of something.

In the long run, they cannot damage anything of mine. Talent and character are not dependent on the smallness of other people’s characters. I like Quora because I have fun there, and I have made real friends. It is already changing into a forum that is not amenable to creativity, if it ever was. I just managed to work around it. I don’t really need it to be creative. I’ll be successful regardless.

As long as nothing else egregious happens, I won’t write anything new. If anything else does happen that I cannot ignore, that’s on them. They know what will happen, and they’ve proclaimed they don’t care, that no one reads my blog anyway. If no one reads it, why should it matter to them what I write?

So, thank you, Dot, but the answer is no. They are not trustworthy enough for even an uneasy peace. My mental health and happiness will never be affected by the likes of them. They’re naught but ticks on the butt of society.

Now, here’s my story about Leonardo and Michaelangelo and why we eat round pizza out of a square box, cut in triangles:

Leo and Mike, two artists from the Renaissance with whom you might be familiar, are languishing in obscurity on Quora. They got collapsed by malicious forces in the future, which is now, and I am going to give them a home.

The explanation for their collapse on Quora can be found under the Vesuvius Guy at the end of this story, a short way down. If you scroll slowly, you’ll see it.

Leonardo da Vinci was struggling with this question:

Why do we put round pizzas in square boxes and then eat them in triangles? We also pay for them in rectangles, so I suspect a geometric conspiracy. Our days are numbered. Please read on…

Long ago, during the Renaissance, art, literature, and sitcoms were enjoying a rebirth. It’s quite astounding that the rebirth of these things coincided with the name of the era. How did they manage that?

It’s like The Great Depression. Things coincided with that, too, like the discovery of the Mariana Trench and the Grand Canyon, psychotherapy, and potholes. Quite interesting.

Anywho, the story of the answer to this puzzle is amazing.

Leonardo Da Vinci and Michaelangelo were hanging out one day. They’d wandered into a cathedral, and were sitting in a pew in the quiet, empty church. Mike was leaning back, his elbows propped on the back of the seat, enjoying the cool darkness after the blazing sun outside and was staring up at the ceiling in a preoccupied way.

Leo had stubbed his toe on a paving stone the day before and he’d propped his foot on his knee to rub it. It was still throbbing. His girlfriend, Mona, had sneered at him, and refused to tend to his injury, even though he was an artist and she was just a model.

leo and mike, two artists from the renaissance on

He was complaining to Mike about his selfish girlfriend and about not having closed toe shoes like the other artists. All he had were sandals. Mike told him to ‘shut up, cavrone. The Lord Jesus only wore sandals, so Leo could just deal.’ Leo got ticked and called him a ‘house painter with a Napoleon complex’ and went back to rubbing his toe.

They bickered in this fashion until a nun popped her head out of the rectory and shouted, “Sh!” at them. She had a look on her face that said she meant business. They started giggling and couldn’t stop.

Oh! To see Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo (did he have another name, or was he like Cher?), giggle was something to see. You’d never know they’d been born during the Depression, would you?

They both went home, and Leo yapped to his mom for so long about his toe that she finally made him a mixture of flour and water to put on it, and then went back to watching her soap, The Borgias and the Medicis: The Bad and the Bombastic.

Leo had been wanting to replace the papier mache he’d been using to build his artistic stuff. He plucked the toe band aid off, rolled it into a ball, and then began to shape it into a dog, a squirrel, a little bird, an ashtray-whatever struck his fancy.

Some of his early efforts with this medium are on display at his Grandma’s house, and if you’re ever in Florence, and would like to see that junk, go. Please leave a lira or Euro in the lumpy ashtray placed near the door.

Leo rolled the dough out flat with his mom’s rolling pin, because he liked laying down in the middle of it. He made snow angels with his arms and legs, or in this case, dough angels, in the circle.

Here he is below, in a picture that was caught by a surveillance camera set up by some guys from the Petrucci family for their new television show, Italy’s Funniest Videos.

See how Leo is in a circle, inside a square? And his arms and legs make triangles? This is why we eat round pizzas in a square box, cut in triangles. Voila! Voi freaking la. I have solved the puzzle!

What does this picture mean? More accurately, what did Leo mean by this? Was he stoned when he created this dough boy? Is that why Vesuvius Guy looks like he’s trying to fly? Because he’s trying to get away before old Vesu blows?

Leo might have been stoned, but the best thing to come out of all his messing around this way was…drum roll…Pizza!

His mom had forgotten to make dinner, she’d been so involved in her ‘stories’, so she’d grabbed Leo’s dough when he’d got up to go to the bathroom, threw some tomato sauce and cheese on it, and baked it, ignoring the fact Leo’s bottom had been on it. When he yelled at her for destroying his fun creation, she’d told him ‘Piz off, she was his mom, and he wasn’t too big to spank’.

Leo liked his mom’s new dish so much, he served a pizza at the last supper he and Mike had that summer. (You thought I was going to be irreverent, didn’t you?)

leo and mike two artists from the renassiance on

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  1. Terry E. Cohen

    Some seriously good plays on words in this one.

  2. Will Jennings

    Unless or until you are to return to Quora, my account there shall remain deactivated. And there are others. Word is spreading fast!

    • OMG, Jennings! I know you have good friends there! You didn’t have to do that. You’re awesome, my man. I wasn’t planning to be gone long, just until I calmed down. Which could take anywhere from a week to eternity. Usually a week. Snort. I’m just so damn angry. Not to be informed of collapses or violations in any way, shape, or form, and when answers are downvoted, you can do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

      Well, I have more time to harass you, now. So there’s that. Big kiss!

      • Will Jennings

        I was a Deputy Sheriff, Attorney, and married. Therefore, I am used to being harassed and insulted. Bring it on!

    • Annabelle Chappell

      You are a loyal friend!

      I’m mad as hell and am complaining to Quora!

  3. Ranne

    Your toxic 3 are seriously cognitively challenged. VCR answer was a total upvote. What I don`t understand is how they managed to get enough downvotes to collapse anything when only one vote per IRL is allowed. Guess I am pretty challenged when it comes to understand how it works. Just don`t stop the fight!

    • Thanks, Ms. R! I don’t understand how it works, either. No one does. Not even the top people. Snort. If it only takes three or so to downvote and collapse an answer, than it should take only that many and one more to uncollapse it. These are my suspicions, and of course, I have no proof. ‘Those three’ have little to no imagination. People with no imagination have caused more problems for the human race, and held us back more than any germ or weapon.

  4. Lizzy

    Huh, I follow you and K both and never knew. They say that everything last year started when you accused them of having an affair on this blog. How do you think everything started?

    • Lizzy! How dare you be reasonable and come to me for the ‘rest of the story’! Are you sure it’s safe? Shall we whisper? Can I walk you home after?

      Those two thick-skulled twits wouldn’t know the truth if it yanked them by the hair, flipped them upside down, sat on their faces, and spit in their ears. They’ve left out the truthy part. Probably because it was inconvenient and made them look bad.

      I’ve written more about this on For Your Eyes Only, and you can see Spartiatis’ email to me on that post. Drives her mad, because it makes her look like what she is, a back stabbing, jealous beeyotch.

      The upshot is, a year and a half ago, she made some remark in a comment thread about all Americans being hillbillies. She says it was a joke, and who knows? Maybe it was. She’d said something else that wasn’t very nice about my countrymen previously, so I don’t know. Their dimwit friend, Cassandra Sullivan, came running to me to tell me about it.

      I got mad and made a snarky comment about being annoyed by ‘provincial ignorance’ in one of my answers and she lost her tiny mind. My! How did she know I was talking about HER? She got mad and blocked me, which is fine, but instead of leaving it at that, because Icky has his head so far up her butt he couldn’t find daylight with both hands, she told him to block me too.

      K had asked me before this happened to nominate Icky for Quoran of the Week and I obliged, although I privately (snort) think he doesn’t deserve squat in the way of honors. I’d not only done that, but I’d done other favors for him. I shot him an email after he blocked me telling him I thought it was chickenshit to spit in a friend’s eye because someone told him to. What-he’s 62, going on 12?

      K then proceeded to write a post on Quora trashing me as much as she could without actually naming me- my book, my writing, everything. He chimed in in comments saying more stupid stuff. Cassandra Sullivan and Jacky Dror kept telling them things, because they’d repeat it in their comments. So they threw their friends under the bus, too!

      I reported it to Tatiana, but back then, I didn’t know how long it takes for them to get back to you. I thought they were ignoring it, so I wrote a post here about being bullied online. I called them ‘special friends’ (snort the second), but when his wife sent me a message, I took it out. I’m not the only who gets grossed out by their banter. If you’re going to say that you’ll bend over and back up to his weiner, people take it the wrong way. They’re both common trash.

      Spartiatis has called me a liar and a thief more than once online. They’ve done it in comment threads, and called for my death. They blamed me for his mental breakdown when he left Quora, when he hadn’t written on there for a month before this all went down with him stalking me. It was all an excuse for him to go after me, because I threatened his precious ego. I think she’d begun hating me since I was named Quoran of the Week, and people began to like my writing. She’s got the same number of followers, and is twenty years younger, so I’ve decided to be flattered by it.

      As for Icky, he thinks what he did to me is perfectly fine, even though a judge, the courts, a restraining order, the police in his town, a district attorney, and two sheriff’s offices disagree. It’s no wonder he never leaves his house. What planet is he from that he thinks threatening, stalking, and harassing anyone is okay? Not this planet.

      My hubby, who’s a real hoot, and is working on an invention, says that when we become rich, he’ll buy the houses on both sides of his and across the street, then rent them out to ‘special’ people. A friend thought this was funny, too, and suggested we get Neighbors of the Corn.

      Every time he looks out the window, his New Neighbors will stop what they’re doing and turn and stare at him, unblinkingly.


      Anyway, tell Spartiatis the ‘mud scraper’ is waiting to hear from her soliciTAH. She’s been threatening me with that for a year and a half, but I haven’t seen hair nor Hyde Park of one. I think she got ticked that I saw her soliciTAH cousin, and raised her one Hahvahd educated brother attorney.

      And that’s the ‘rest of the story’. Call me when you arrive home so I know you got there safe, and weren’t jumped by one of them on a dark street, like the cowards they are. I’m going to rename them The Three Stooges. And don’t get ‘too big for your boots’ or think too well of yourself, because that’s a no no in Bizarro World.

      • Lizzy

        WOW, these are totally opposing stories, it’s so weird!!! So the affair thing never even happened?

        • No, I didn’t say that. I said I made a snarky little comment about their friendship in a post on HERE, and then removed it after his wife messaged me. It wasn’t even much of a comment. What I also said was that this whole business started over my remark in an answer about ‘provincial ignorance’ after she called Americans hillbillies. She remembers it too, because she mentioned it once in an answer directed at me, proving she knows very well how the whole thing began. That answer was taken down also.

          If they want to insult and trash me, let them start their own blog, and dedicate it to trashing me instead of inviting benburrs on Quora. Otherwise, yes, their story is correct AS FAR AS it goes, which isn’t very far. They refuse to believe anyone is going to stand up to them, and it ticked them off royally when I did because I’m ‘so nice’. And I am. Until I have to be otherwise. They think a person is a ‘fake’ if they can go after their jugulars when they act like ticks on society’s butt. I told K more than once, don’t threaten me. I don’t take it very well. She has this view of herself as being such a badass. She hasn’t got a clue.

      • Kieth

        Why don’t you just give the lady her jewelry back and drop this UnProfessional Wrestling match into the volcano ash where it belongs. Please.

        • What the hell are you talking about? See? I’m now aware of more lies. She’s had her jewelry back since November of 2016! I have the return receipt to prove it. Dimwads and liars. The bunch of them. Don’t come on my blog again. Please.

    • Alec Fane

      I’ve been banned from Quora, but before I was I was part of Gigi’s and Kelley’s social group on there.
      I’m better educated than either Kelley or Gigi, I’m better read and more cultured than them both combined. I’m better travelled than Kelley, and arguably Gigi too. I was published twice while at university, and am signed with my publisher as a house poet. (Eng Lit. was not my subject at uni) And before being banned, I had answers on Quora with more upvotes than Kelley and Gigi’s best answers combined. And despite being hugely unpopular with a certain subset of Quorans, I was far more respected in my fields than Gigi or Kelley.
      If Kelley was going to be jealous over anyone, it would not be Gigi.

      As for the anti-American thing… That’s just typical British humour. I did the exact same thing myself, and had Gigi throw a hissy fit over it.

      Also, for all that Gigi insists Kelley is a spiteful bully, she’s not the one naming and shaming a young teen girl in an online blog.

      • Look who’s chimed in! Alec Fane. By the way, Mr. College, you misspelled ‘traveled’ in your comment. And it’s sans some convenient punctuation. Not that many people will even remember you, but I’m posting your comment, anyway.

        By the way, being ‘cultured’ means more than making your home in a petri dish, as I’m sure you do. It has something to do with manners and character. I never saw any evidence of all this education’ of which you speak. Your writing was mundane and barely memorable, and I’m not sure you’ve anything but a bachelor’s? Why does that make you special? Everyone I know has one; I have a master’s, and my brother is a Harvard educated professor. So? Shall we keep bragging?

        You are indeed Mr. Wonderful, and better than everyone combined in the entire world. Who cares whether you’re published, traveled, popular, unpopular, upvoted, whatvever? Who cares?

        Why are you reading my blog? Are you still friends with Spartiatis as she intimated, but you write a long comment insulting her (I’m a little insulted on her behalf, and I don’t even like her! As for your insults to me, I highly doubt you’re more educated or traveled, just smaller in character), bringing up your putative accomplishments as if this is all about YOU. Why do you think this is about you?

        I actually felt badly about you being banned. That’s done. I recall that Benedict Arnold was British, which makes perfect sense. With friends like you all have in each other, you certainly don’t need enemies. A bunch of backstabbers who throw each other under the ‘trolley’ constantly.

        I don’t care who’s jealous and who’s not. I said they felt ‘threatened’, if you can tell the difference, and I never said I was anything but self-published. Please, pat yourself on the back for whatever you like. Been stewing in your own unrecognized juices? How did you judge the level of respect any of us got? By doing surveys among all the users of the site? Might I see that data, please? Where was the curve, and how well did we do?

        I had no clue you were this bad. Ugh on you, too. I’m very glad I didn’t stay in touch with you.

        If I’d sent the referred to message to the college age woman privately, your inane friends would have claimed I was harassing her, just as they did when I sent a message to Jacky. If people are old enough to post libel about other people on an online forum, they should be prepared to take the risks associated with doing so.

        She’s old enough to know better, and if she didn’t know before, she does now.

        As for hissy fits, you’re the hissiest person I’ve come across in awhile. Meow. You made snide remarks about Americans always shoving other people around, and I objected to that. If we do that, we learned it from you guys, but at least we don’t stab our friends in the back, and make everything about us, us, us.

      • Annabelle Chappell

        Gee, Alec, you left out “modest.”

        • Annabelle, I was so flabbergasted by his comment that I even read it to Don. It is so bizarre! I knew he had quite a large ego, but this, this was so weird.

        • Mickey

          Now that was pretty funny Annabelle! This is crazy, and I’m wondering why a second man, (I use this lightly) now, is jumping in and bullying a woman??

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