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What Happened When I Was Stalked By Rick Klugman

This is what happened when I was stalked by Rick Klugman via the internet. He’s a commercial truck driver in Pennsylvania for Carlisle Carrier Corporation. This story continues in a couple of other posts.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, you might find this information helpful.

To wit:

In November of 2016, an acquaintance on Quora (a social media platform), Rick Klugman, a man of 61, began to stalk, threaten, and harass me.

Last year a friend of his, Kelley Spartiatis, another user of the platform, decided she didn’t like me, so this man decided he didn’t like me, either. Wait, it gets better. Or worse, depending on your point of view. They proceeded to trash me online, and I had to appeal to the moderators to get them to stop. Which they did, for several months.

Subsequently, there was a failed casual business arrangement between me and another mutual acquaintance of Klugman’s. He got involved in our business on her request. It wasn’t much of a dispute: She was waiting for me to send back a heavy bag of beaded jewelry she’d made, and I wasn’t doing it fast enough. This was his opportunity to harass me, and he made the most of it.

Kelley Spartiatis played her part, and posted that I was a thief and a liar whenever she got the chance. Recently, she’s posted that I’m ‘evil and poisonous’, which I thought was a nice touch of irony.

I’ve written more about her part in this in For Your Eyes Only and Anyone Else Who Sees It on this blog.

All three are rather moronic; Klugman recently answered a question about me despite having a restraining order against him. In a comment he mentions putting his wife’s gun in his mouth should anyone clone me. (This was in the terms of the question.) I’ve copy/pasted all of these comments and answers for future reference for the state of Pennsylvania if they ever want to further details of his behavior.

This man drives a big, big, truck, he’s on meds for being emotionally and mentally disturbed, and has said more than once that he’s suicidal.

When he began to stalk me he sent threatening messages via email and left comments here, on my blog. His nasty, vulgar threats stained my blog and my emails. Which is the ultimate aim of people like this. To make your life as miserable as theirs is.

Here’s one of the excerpts that caused me to call the local police and the police in his home town:

“Have you ever looked up the defintion of sociopath or borderline personality disorder? At least I know I’m nuts. So, what’s next?

Me, I plan on being a pain in your ass for a loooong time to come. That’s your reality, not a threat. You see, you’re fucking with a crazy who enjoys making you see yourself for who you really are. Sociopathic with borderline personality disorder. 

Until this stops being fun, you and I are going to be very close.

I couldn’t block him, because he would change his email address every day. His user handles were Your Worst Nightmare, and other similar phrases.  The IP address remained the same, which is something else to remember for future reference, should someone try the same thing with you.

I wrote emails to his friend and to his wife, whose email I had after she left a comment on my blog. I asked them to intervene before I had to call the police. This lit a fire under him further. His wife and friend rejected my appeals. His wife told me that is was basically my fault somehow, and that I must have set him off by ‘bragging’ about something. She told me ‘it was my responsibility to get rid of him.’

I kid you not. That’s what she said. She also called it a ‘senior pissing contest’. If he should violate the terms of my protection order and goes to jail, I wonder how she’ll excuse him then? My takeaway from her attitude is that he’s done this more than once, to more than one person, and I’m very happy to be the one to stop him.

I would hope he’s stopped anyway. If I put his name out there, and anyone else is getting harassed or stalked by him, I’d hope they’d take this information to their local police or court.

I called the emergency dispatch number for the police in Warrington, PA where he lives, in Buck’s County. There wasn’t much they could do, but I then called his police department in Warrington. I had spoken to a detective in the Doylestown, PA district attorney’s office, and he’d called the Warrington police, who issued a No Contact order directly to him.

Rick Klugman ignored that, too. He continued to send me threatening messages and stalked me via other sites, and by this time, I had quite a file on him. I had basically given up on the police. I’d written to the chief of the Warrington police twice, I’d emailed Carlisle Carrier Corporation in Mechanicsburg, PA, which is Klugman’s employer. They did nothing.

Here’s the thing: Serial killers, rapists, all kinds of criminals have families. They have wives and children, and a few friends. One serial killer was a well known and trusted member and deacon in his church. And he killed many people in his town over a thirty year period. Basically, Klugman’s wife, two girlfriends, police department, and employer were telling me they don’t believe he’s dangerous. Likewise, the families of serial killers often don’t even know what their fair haired boy is up to nights and weekends.

Klugman is a truck driver. He’s gone for several days a month. He and his wife don’t have an intimate relationship, which I’ve gathered from things he’s shared online. He’s a self-described sociopath with borderline personality disorder, and he’s taken meds for years while driving.  He’s said all of this online, and he sent me an email telling me he’s mentally disturbed. But I’m supposed to take it on faith that he won’t follow through on his threats!

How many times have we heard about a killer who turned out to be a truck driver? It’s a job that appeals to the mentally challenged, the emotionally disturbed and unstable, because they can be by themselves most of the time, and be gone before anyone realizes they were there.

A former Secret Service agent, an acquaintance from Quora, told me once that these guys behind their computers are ‘Five feet tall and smell of cheese.‘ Which is a wonderful visual, but it’s not necessarily always true.

On the day he made a direct threat to me, I filed a police report. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department did nothing. However, I had the police report for filing in court, which is important.

When I was stalked, I did other things, too:

I filed a report with the FBI; filed a report with the PA Department of Transportation; and filed a report with the Pennsylvania State Police. I’ve also refiled a complaint with them to make sure they know an Extended Protection Order has been filed against Klugman. I think he should lose his job. I don’t want to be on the road with someone like him behind the wheel of a fifty ton truck.

On the advice of an attorney, Will Jennings, I filed for a protection order in the Clark County Justice Court. They were leery about filing it because he lives out of state. If this happens to you, and your stalker is out of state, insist a report gets filed anyway.

Here’s the legal description of the laws he broke according to the Nevada Revised Statutes:

a) Willfully or maliciously engages in a course of conduct that would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, harassed, or fearful for the immediate safety of a household member, and

b) Actually causes the victim to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, or fearful for the immediate safety of a household member.

I had a hearing for the TPO, the temporary protection order, to which Klugman had to be served with papers so he could show up and plead his case. Needless to say, he didn’t fly out to Vegas for the hearing.

Don’t pay for a process server. Go with the sheriff. I did both. Neither one could serve him by putting papers in his hand.

Klugman provided me with more evidence by sending me the papers the Las Vegas sheriff had sent him, scrawled all over with hate messages.  We’re not dealing with the brightest of perps here, but isn’t that usually the case?

Arrogant and stupid make a deadly combination.

He managed to evade service for months. I had to persevere. I went back to court, had to rewrite and refile the appeal, get him served for a new hearing, which he managed to evade also, and then go back for another hearing.

The second time, the judge granted me an Extended Protection Order. Judges do not grant these lightly, but if the threat is real to you, the threat is real. Simple as that. These protection orders go into a national data base.

Because Klugman never answered his door, and was either working or hiding from the sheriff in Warrington, I sent the protection order service to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department. They’re in the county where his employer is located. This sheriff’s department tries until they find the perpetrator. When they couldn’t find him, they asked his employer for his cell phone number, and served him by phone. And done.

If Klugman should violate the protection order by getting in touch with me in any way, I would go to court to ask for a warrant sworn out for his arrest.

If he’s picked up for this warrant, which is nationwide, he would be arrested, brought out to Las Vegas, and thrown in jail. When he posts bail, or whatever they do to get out, he has to find his own way home. His truck will have been impounded and would cost a few thousand dollars to retrieve. I get happy just thinking of it.

I’ve included the specific laws he broke, and why you shouldn’t feel intimidated by police or the courts when filing a complaint against a stalker. Stand strong.

Below is a picture of his parrot and the stalker. That almost sounds like a kid’s story. Why did I have to get an ugly stalker? That isn’t fair.

I ask you?

Image result for rick klugman

Okay, that bird’s too good-looking to be him. This is him below. What’d I tell you? That picture’s so small, it looks like the bird pooped him out.

Image result for rick klugman

Women need to know what he looks like. Why I don’t know. He’s probably too scared to even talk to women in person, but he’s big and powerful behind the screen.

So, I cut him off at the knees, but he really should get off his butt once in awhile. He could stand to drop a load. A little trucker humor.

What amazes me is that he thinks he’s really so far away. He scoffed at Don, my guy, once. Laughed at the thought of Don ‘beating him up’ if indeed, that was what Don was planning. I do know Don is planning to pay him a friendly visit one day soon. He really, really hates bullies.

rick klugman, stalker on

More info on stalking and harassment:

Online harassment:

Intrastate e-mails that are threatening are prohibited under the laws of the state where they occur. For example, if I lived in Alabama and sent my next door neighbor an e-mail threatening to break his knees if he didn’t take down his purple fence today, I could be arrested by the local police. The jail term varies from state to state.

However. If the e-mails are sent interstate, the FBI gets involved. For example, if I live in Alabama and sent a threatening e-mail to someone in Nevada, it would be a violation of 18 U. S. Code 875(c), and carry a fine of $10,000; imprisonment of 5 years; or both. The FBI would be the arresting agency. And trial would be in Federal Court in Nevada.

Interestingly, most Federal Appeal Courts have ruled that mens rea does not apply. In other words, intent to actually carry out the threat is of no moment.The mere threat is sufficient.

(Don’t ignore or delete messages of those kinds, or assume they’re innocent of harm.)

And if the threatening behavior transpired over the web, text-messaging or a similar service, the harassment may be charged as a category C felony in Las Vegas, which mandates:

  • 1 to 5 years imprisonment, and
  • maybe a $10,000 fine

Protective Orders; (NRS 200.591)

In many Nevada harassment cases, a judge will also impose either a temporary protective order (TPO) or an extended protective order requiring the suspect to keep away from the “victim” for a predetermined period of time. Deliberately violating one of these orders can carry harsher penalties than the harassment itself:

It’s a gross misdemeanor to intentionally defy a temporary order in Nevada. The punishment includes:

  • up to 364 days in jail, and/or
  • up to a $2,000 fine

And it’s a category C felony to intentionally break an extended order in Nevada. The punishment includes:

  • 1 to 5 years imprisonment, and
  • maybe a $10,000 fine


what happened when I was stalked via the internet on

Here’s another message. He’s very intent on making this about my ego. Remember what his wife said? These people feel very small inside, and hate people who don’t feel as small as they do. So they will try to cut those ‘others’ down to size. They were no doubt bullied or rejected by a parent or someone. This is by no means the worst message he sent me. They included really nasty stuff about my looks and body and age. Truly a big man:

‘”Did I miss anything? So, let’s recap. everything you’ve attempted to get me fired or arrested has failed. You and your ego will the only one thinking that any of this was important enough. So, in short, that makes you a laughingstock and loser.

See you in hell. I’ll save you a seat only yours will be in the handicap section.”

(This is in reference to the fact that I’m disabled.)     

I’ve seen the movies with the pot-bellied loser type, hands dangling between his legs, just barely able to see his smarty pants phone over the bulge of his gut , tap, tap, tapping away at his screen, eyes gleaming with a mad fury, trying to get his target’s attention. I’m not going to ever take it without fighting back.

Most victims know that protective orders and criminal prosecutions are the first line of defense against stalkers. Yet victims have an additional option for bringing stalkers to justice: They can file civil lawsuits against stalkers and third parties who contribute to the crime. Through civil lawsuits, victims may gain financial compensation and the means to hold stalkers liable for their crime.

This means I could sue his wife and his friend for being a party to his harassment.
What happened when I was stalked? A lot.





  1. Betsy

    Oh for Heavens sake..this is too serious to be funny…Does this mean you’re famous now? Please be safe Amiga. Loop

    • Ugh, right, Bets? It isn’t very funny, but it happened, and I wanted to let other people know they can do something about it. It’s a serious offense, even though the perps think they can get away with it.

      Thanks for reading, Bets! I’m trying to be funny, but it hasn’t been easy this last week.

      Hang in there with me. I’ll get my mojo back soon.

  2. Ranne

    My dear Gigi, You should be flattered. A stalker is usually a flawed fan envious of your superiority in a field he/she can`t hope to compete, is hopelessly in awe of you and spends his/her nights fantasizing (in allsorts of unsavoury ways). Of course, it could be that your grandmother somehow is at fault for some act or word that at some point in the distant past – screwed his/her entire family, future, or more unsavoury prospects. Or maybe they are just mini-Trumpets? Just couldn`t resist that – lol

    • Mini Trumpets! Haha! Cream filled! I love it. I’m tempted to believe you, Ms. R, but I’ve already been accused by him of being ‘egotistical, attention grabbing (ahem!) small-minded, and some other ‘unsavory’ things. Where is the YOU in unsavory? Or should I say, where is the HE in unsavory? By the way, you really grossed me out thinking of that, and I haven’t had my coffee yet. Lawdy.

  3. Ranne

    P.S. Feel sorry for folks who need to “get a life”.

  4. Ranne

    Oh yeah – you ask about the “u”. Well, I`m going to e-mail you right now England`s solution to the election. I hope you don`t take offense! It discusses that “u”. I have a British English spell check. Despite Brexit, I will keep it – I do not think Brexit and Trump are equal. Many Brexiters are regretting and want a re-vote!!!!

    • Have you seen any of the protests here? It’s quite a show. If we were a nation divided before, we’re even more divided now. I knew England was divided about that, too.

  5. Martin

    This is kind of scary. I hope your okay Gigi

    • I am so far, Martin. Just got off the phone with the justice court that serves Warrington in Pennsylvania. A judge or her assistant will call me back soon. Thanks for your good wishes.

  6. I am so sorry that you’ve had to go through this! Thank you for sharing your story, and for offering up tips on how to handle it. I seriously can’t even imagine being in your shoes…I don’t think I’d be able to come away from it all with the same aplomb. It sounds like you’re really doing everything in your power to resolve this situation, and I admire you for it.

    • Thank you, Sarah! I’m 63, so I’m still wondering whether I should have been flattered by all the attention from him, and his friend. Snort. Not hardly.

      This guy is such a psycho, I can’t imagine anyone being flattered by his attentions. He seems to have gone away, whether because my hubby commented on my other post about guns, or because of my emails to his employer (he boasted that neither his employer or the police care because he’s so well-liked), or because one of my reports to the FBI or a government agency, did some good, I’ll never know.

      It’s been quiet for three days, so I hope he’s gone forever, and I hope he loses his job. The idea of a big rig truck driver, bragging about being a sociopath, which is characterized by reckless behavior, and being on the road behind the wheel of fifty ton truck, kind of bothers me.

      Read my new post, The Tao of Stalkers, for the funny side of this, and thanks for commenting. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

      (I mentioned your blog on Quora, so I hope you got some extra traffic.)

  7. Here’s the comment to the perp that my hubby left:

    Well Mr. Klugman, it seems that you will not stop your nasty comments.

    So I ask you, is bullying women all you do with your spare time or do you scare children and abuse animals as well?

    What a tiny emotional person you must be. If you do indeed have such great anger and frustration why not point it at someone like you, possibly face to face . Not hiding on the internet and sending out poisoned messages. I see you only as a Coward.

    Why don’t you face off with another MAN and see how far your ignorance will get you.

    Oh, I forgot COWARDS don’t do things like that; they just try to intimidate women and possibly children. What a foul thing you are.

    You and your angry pitiful companions. Seek help, you neurotic.

  8. Annabelle Chappell

    It warms my heart to read of the penalties your stalker could receive! Thank you, thank you.

  9. Dot McHale

    Gigi, please listen.
    You said you’re not happy with the stress the situation is causing you.
    You said it’s interfering with the places you feel creative, like quora.
    You said you felt you might have to leave it’s gotten so bad.
    What if there’s another solution?
    Can we talk?
    Nobody’s happy.
    Everyone I said they wanted it to be over, including you.
    I believed you when you said that.
    I believed them when they said it too.

    Peace needs to be discussed for everyone’s peace of mind.
    A truce doesn’t necessarily mean anyone’s admitting to right or wrong-it just means nobody wants this to go any further and nobody knows how to deescalate it right now.
    So maybe we find one together?
    A way that everyone involved doesn’t have to be unhappy anymore.
    Please write me back.
    You’ll have my email when I post this and anyone can message me on quora as I have no restrictions in my settings.

    • Hi, Dot. (Love that name.) I was willing to let it go from the moment they blocked me. That’s why the button is there.

      No one has seen, or remembers, the posts and comment threads in which they called me a thief and a liar, trashed me and my books, and all the rest of it. Tatiana took it all down, so they still look like they did nothing, and I’m the one carrying it on. I know, as well as I know my own name, that they’re behind all the collapses of my answers, which is what made me so angry recently. At one point, there were over 40 in one week.

      When that pervert left Quora earlier this year, Spartiatis wrote another answer trashing and blaming me. She created the topic to do just that. He didn’t leave because of me. He hadn’t written on Quora for a month before that, and I had no contact with them at all. Sullivan was just an excuse to threaten and harass me. As I’ve said before, courts don’t hand out restraining orders and have hearings over a couple of mild messages. This was serious stuff, and I have a three inch thick file on him to prove it. I’ve been to two hearings, hired process servers, had sheriffs working on it.

      Will Jennings saw it all from the very beginning. He’s a retired deputy sheriff, and he knows what it took to get a PO. Klugman is blowing smoke up everyone’s bottom, because that’s what sociopaths, or psychopaths, whatever, do. They lie and lie and lie. Not to mention, occasionally even killing people. I’ve had a shotgun in my bedroom for a long time. Do you think Don was just yawning when all this was going on? I had to talk him out of doing anything drastic.

      And if this had happened to her, her daughter, or Sullivan, they’d have lost their minds.

      However. I am perfectly willing to let it go with Spartiatis, but I will not let it go with him. He’s a pervert and he’s dangerous, regardless of his protestations to the contrary. Two sheriff departments, the Las Vegas Justice Court, his local police, and a judge all agree with me.

  10. Dot McHale

    I’m so sorry. I hear that you’ve suffered. None of this should have happened. I don’t think you would have chose this.
    Thing is, I don’t think they chose it either. Not the part about people suffering. Anger and outrage and blame are easy. Mockery can be funny in the right context. There’s nothing funny or right about what’s going on anymore, assuming there ever was.

    I know you don’t want this, because you said you wanted it to end.
    You don’t want somebody’s job, you just want to feel safe, right?
    Let’s try to achieve that.
    If the restraining order was working to make you feel safe, you wouldn’t still be yelling at the screen feeling vulnerable. If trying to win public opinion to your side was working for you, you wouldn’t need to have a side–it’s far better to be beloved universally than to be badass, although both can have their place.

    It’s at the point now where the focus has to be on where everyone goes from here. The past can’t be re written no matter how much you want to, but you can control the future of the narrative of your life.
    You can choose who you want to be.
    Do you really want to choose any ties to a situation that makes you this unhappy?
    Letting go and forgiveness are not for the people we perceive as having wronged us-we do it for us.

    You can forgive yourself if you choose let this go in favor of having some peace of mind so you don’t have to dwell on it anymore.
    Think of all the Creative Energy you’ll have when this isn’t for forefront on your mind. Think about how freeing that’s going to feel.
    Nobody’s happy .
    Everyone is suffering now.
    Everyone’s afraid to move forward without knowing what you’re willing to do to move forward first.
    That makes you the leader in this.
    Whatever you’re going to do, they’re going to follow.
    A truce that’s agreed to publicly will bring the public down hard on anyone who breaks it. That’s the power for peace.
    That’s the power you have right now if you choose it.
    I believe in your sincerity to want to end this.
    Now you can choose to act on that sincerity.

    At the very least, let’s try to achieve agreement of non Association from this point forward. A cease Fire across all social platforms. There’s much to be gained from not letting this go further.

    What do you want to happen?

    • Dot- I was replying with this message, ready to take steps and consult with my friend and attorney:
      Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2017 22:34:19 -0700
      Subject: Re: [ChezGigi] Please moderate: “What Happened When I Was Stalked By Rick Klugman”
      I understand what you’re saying. I’d like first to discuss it with my
      friend and attorney. See what he says. He was aware of this and helping me
      from the beginning.

      I think I could trust Spartiatis to keep the bargain, even though she
      ignited the conflagration to begin with. However, she knows I’m serious
      about bringing down her business if she doesn’t adhere to an agreement.

      I didn’t write about this stuff to get people to ‘my side’. I don’t know
      how people find these posts unless those three are telling people. I’m not
      telling anyone about them.

      I wrote them hoping to stop the carnage. While they hate my posts, they
      clearly don’t hate them enough to stop trashing me. Or in Klugman’s case,
      to stop stalking me.

      I don’t think he can be trusted, and I don’t know what to do about that.
      It did not escape my notice that after he returned to Quora, and his follower count
      had grown to over 1000, that my posts started going down.

      I was ready to send it, and then this appeared on my blog from Keith:
      Why don’t you just give the lady her jewelry back and drop this UnProfessional Wrestling match into the volcano ash where it belongs. Please.
      I returned her jewelry in November of 2016, but they’re perpetuating the lie that I still have it, and calling me a thief. I suspected that you were making up their willingness to negotiate peace, Dot, but I was willing to see if it could work anyway. I highly doubt it.

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