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Sociopath, Internet Stalker: What I Did And Am Doing

I got it! I got proof of service. The Crazy Perp Sociopath and Stalker has returned his restraining orders with more hate messages scrawled on the envelope, front and back. Do NOT open these, should this happen to you. They’re proof the perp was served, and that he’s broken federal laws. Read on:

If you’re targeted by a sociopath or a stalker via the internet, file for a temporary protection order first thing. I did go to court for a TPO, and wrote about it here:

Justice Court: Hey Ho, Hey Ho, It’s Off To Court I Went

This creep who stalked and threatened me for three weeks chose not to come to his hearing.  The judge would not have considered a hearing had there been no cause for one, or no threat to me.

He returned the file and the certified mail slips enclosed in another envelope to me with hate messages scrawled all over them, and with that, he’s broken federal laws concerning hate mail. He’s brilliant, is this guy!

Update: I called Pennsylvania governor’s office and got a call back from the PA state police, an officer in charge of the Commercial Vehicles Division. I gave him all the pertinents, and he’ll be checking the stalker’s medical card, and Carlisle Carrier’s records, or whatever it is they do.

I’ll be taking all the messages he sent me over a three week period to court, including the three that showed up after a promise not to contact me anymore.

The stalker lied! Quel surprise!

He’s been duly served after several efforts to serve him notice in person by a process server over the last two weeks. I sent two copies certified mail also, to his place of employment- Carlisle Carrier- and to his home address. The process server left his copy taped to the stalker’s front door:

Rick Klugman, self-proclaimed sociopath, and online stalker, truck  driver in Pennsylvania, working for Carlisle Carrier, Corporation of Mechanicsville, PA, is the perp in question. I have at least ten pages of comments and emails.

For more of the truly stupid back story, involving social media and all the charm one encounters with crazed strangers, see:

And why did I have to get an ugly stalker? That isn’t fair.

I ask you?

Image result for rick klugman

Okay, that bird’s too good-looking to be him. This is him below. What’d I tell you? That picture’s so small, it looks like the bird pooped him out.

Image result for rick klugman

Women need to know what he looks like. Why I don’t know. He’s probably too scared to even talk to women in person, but he’s big and powerful behind the screen.

So, I cut him off at the knees, but he really should get off his butt once in awhile. He could stand to drop a load. Trucker humor.

rick klugman, online stalker, sociopath, and truck driver with Carlisle Carrier

A former law enforcement friend told me that harassing women online makes these guys feel strong and in control, but in reality, they shrink to five feet tall and smell of cheese. I love that visual!

Here’s the direct law he’s broken:

Online harassment

And if the threatening behavior transpired over the web, text-messaging or a similar service, the harassment may be charged as a category C felony in Las Vegas, which mandates:

  • 1 to 5 years imprisonment, and
  • maybe a $10,000 fine

Protective Orders; (NRS 200.591)

In many Nevada harassment cases, a judge will also impose either a temporary protective order (TPO) or an extended protective order requiring the suspect to keep away from the “victim” for a predetermined period of time. Deliberately violating one of these orders can carry harsher penalties than the harassment itself:

It’s a gross misdemeanor to intentionally defy a temporary order in Nevada. The punishment includes:

  • up to 364 days in jail, and/or
  • up to a $2,000 fine

And it’s a category C felony to intentionally break an extended order in Nevada. The punishment includes:

  • 1 to 5 years imprisonment, and
  • maybe a $10,000 fine

On Friday, November 11, he put me on high alert, and became my own personal stalker for three days. It’s been quiet today, but I’ve adopted the attitude of movie doctors.

Watchful Waiting.

targeted by a sociopath and stalker via the internet on

This self-proclaimed sociopath is someone I know from social media, and with whom I was a casual friend for several months. Things happen, and because of a falling out with a former mutual social media friend, we stopped being friends.

After a heady display of  colorful feathers and manly strutting, we mutually blocked each other, and I got on with life. Several months of peace and quiet have gone by, when what to my wondering eyes do I see, but a nasty message from him on this very blog. He left it on here because I blocked him from my email.

I emailed him telling him to cease and desist, but he ignored me. Me! I know, I was astonished. It was like giving him permission to begin the ‘Stalking.’ All he needed was the  whistle blown.

Now don’t tell me I can’t diagnose people and assign them crazy personality and mental disorders; he TOLD he was nuts. Apparently, he’s had corroboration from a doctor or two.

Here’s an excerpt from one of his emails, word for word:

“Have you ever looked up the defintion of sociopath or borderline personality disorder? At least I know I’m nuts. So, what’s next?

Me, I plan on being a pain in your ass for a loooong time to come. That’s your reality, not a threat. You see, you’re fucking with a crazy who enjoys making you see yourself for who you really are. Sociopathic with borderline personality disorder. 

Until this stops being fun, you and I are going to be very close.”

See? He’s the one who’s diagnosing without a license. I know what’s what.

At least, I think he’s talking about me in those two sentences at the end of the second paragraph. Won’t my face be red if I’m wrong, and he wasn’t talking about me at all!

He wrote a lot more than that in his emails and comments, but it’s all uncomplimentary stuff about me. Nasty, vile stuff about my looks and body; my age, and talent as a writer.

He even called me a ‘hack’. I had to look up the word to make sure that’s a bad thing. It is. I thought it might be something kind of cute.

Here’s the definition of a hack writer:

Hack writer is a colloquial and usually pejorative term used to refer to a writer who is paid to write low-quality, rushed articles or books “to order”, often with a short deadline.

Haha! I don’t get paid to write! Neener, neener.

So you see, the people who revile women, the disabled, the elderly, are not all of The House of Trump.

He continued to send me vile messages and emails all weekend. He started new emails, under names like: Your Worst Nightmare@, or My, his mama would be proud. Maybe he thought his identity would be hidden, but the IP addresses stay the same.

Here are excerpts from one of his latest messages, wherein he laughs about the lack of police power his Warrington police department seems to sport, and how he also makes fun of the handicapped:

Tattling to my local DA-ego, moderately successful although it was settled with a phone call and we all had a good laugh over it. you’re never threatened, there was nothing they could do. it was all ego in your head.

Did I miss anything? So, let’s recap. everything you’ve attempted to get me fired or arrested has failed. You and your ego will the only one thinking that any of this was important enough. So, in short, that makes you a laughingstock and loser.

reply, don’t reply, post, don’t post. I don’t care, I won’t see it. It’s game over and I win.

See you in hell. I’ll save you a seat only yours will be in the handicap section.

He’s continued to send me vile messages and emails for three full weeks. He started new emails, under names like: Your Worst Nightmare@, or My, his mama would be proud. Maybe he thought his identity would be hidden, but the IP addresses stay the same.

You might say to me, “That’s a no-brainer,” but think about that. Anyone who does this, and thinks they can do it with impunity, isn’t really firing on all cylinders. He laughed at me in one email, telling me the police wouldn’t care. They do.

In an effort to get this to stop before it came to going to the police, I sent appeals by email to his wife and his female friend asking them to intervene and get him to stop threatening and harassing me fifty times a day, and I was repulsed by both of them with extreme prejudice.

The friend spewed profanities at me. The wife said she ‘didn’t want to get involved’. She told me ‘he was trying to push my buttons’, and added that it was ‘my responsibility to get rid of him.’ He’s done this before, because she’s familiar with the pattern and called it ‘a senior pissing contest.’ Uh-huh. Except that I wasn’t messaging him.

Well, he’d told me she was crazy, too. I guess sociopaths can tell the troot.

So what we got here are two women; one single, one in her late fifties, both with their own health issues that make them vulnerable, and on being told their hubby and friend is stalking another woman and threatening her safety, they reply in so many words that they don’t give a flying rat’s ass.

This is why I generally hang out with men. Unless they’re crazed sociopaths, of course.

I don’t want to make light of this situation, so listen to what I did. Do this too, if you should find yourself a target of hate, threats, vile insults, stalking, whatever. It’s a fact of life now, with the internet.

Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT let anyone scoff at you, and tell you ‘he doesn’t mean it’,  ‘it’s just a game to scare you,’ or tell you that you’re ‘gossiping, or telling tales, or making a mountain out of a molehill when you report it. In all likelihood, the person saying this is their friend or family member, and doesn’t know or believe the scope of the crime, or that their friend would do this.

Just remember, there have been many criminals who lead ordinary lives, but commit crimes.  I’m thinking of the BTK killer who was a ‘good dad’, an upstanding member of his church, and a city employee. He tortured and killed ten people over fifteen years, including two children.

I haven’t shown anyone these emails or messages except various law enforcement and the court. And the first few to his wife and friend. The other friend has no clue about what he’s done, so don’t let anyone talk you out of reporting it, or getting a protection order, or prosecuting the crime. I have no doubt that someone doing less than this to her, or her children, would elicit a much different reaction.

His ‘friend’ has told me in comments  she left on this post, and which I posted elsewhere, because they’re irrelevant to this matter, that I’m ‘gossiping’ and ‘telling tales’. She doesn’t believe he’s breaking the law, and gives up his identity constantly, like the good ‘friend’ she is. I hope to God her daughter never goes through this, because I’ll be the first to parrot her words back to her.

If a grown man is willing to do this, and escalate his aggressiveness without any encouragement from me, what else might he do? The point is, he’s told me he’s crazy, and no one knows what he’d do.

Here’s the legal definition of stalking and harassment, according to the Las Vegas judicial system:

Harassment-NRS 200.571

Without lawful authority, the person threatens to cause:

a) bodily injury in the future to you or anyone else;

b) to cause physical damage to property;

c) to subject the person to physical restraint;

d) to do any act which is intended to substantially harm the person;

e) The person by words or conduct places the person receiving the threat in reasonable fear that the threat will be carried out. 

Bingo! (My words, not the law’s.)

Now, for the real kicker. Stalking- NRS 200.571 (1)

Without lawful authority, the person:

a) Willfully or maliciously engages in a course of conduct that would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, harassed, or fearful for the immediate safety of a household member, and

b) Actually causes the victim to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, or fearful for the immediate safety of a household member.

Bingo, again.

I should never have emailed him to tell him to leave me alone, but I didn’t know he was a crazy person. You won’t always know. You only know this person from the internet, and will have no clue of the abyss that lies within. Don’t blame yourself; it happens.

I called the police where I live, on Friday, and I called the police in his town. The dispatcher here told me to delete the emails and ignore them. This is bad advice. You don’t have to read them after the first one or two, after you know the jig is up and with whom you’re dealing. Just toss them in a folder and archive them.

I copy/pasted all the comments and emails, put them on a Word doc, with all his information at the top. It took me five minutes to do a property search and get his name and address. From a people search, I got his birth date. From Google, I got his most current picture. The picture looks creepy, but needs must, and all that.

I included all of it, along with his wife’s name, his friend’s name, emails, phone numbers, and addresses, and the address of the friend of the friend. They’re all witnesses.

I printed it out and took it to the police station today. They did not poo-poo it; they gave me a form to fill out, and entered it all in their computer, and created a case number.

The clerk told me that normally it would be in the jurisdiction of the FBI, but since he hadn’t done something or other, it would stay with the police. My case will be assigned to a detective in a few days. I can call anytime with more information, or with questions.

A friend who’s a retired lawyer, told me this is incorrect, and that I should call the FBI immediately if I get any other messages. I received another yesterday, but the FBI said the person has to make a specific threat, for them to get involved.

However, don’t take the clerk’s word for this: Go to the FBI office yourself, and ask to speak to an agent in person.

There may be more serious consequences because I’m a senior citizen.

I also called the DA’s office in his county, and spoke to a detective. He took all the information, and contacted the police department in the perp’s town.

I filed a TPO last week, which is a temporary protection order. There may be a fee to serve it if the person lives out of state. If he should show up anywhere near us, I was told to call 911.

Yep. Bitches be crazy.

Here is what I found out about Temporary Protection Orders:

‘The police have to serve the abusive person with the order so that he knows about it. The order does not start working until he gets notice of it.

The clerk’s office will tell you whether they will send the order to the police or whether you must take the order to the police.

If your order says that the abusive person must leave your home, the police will serve him and they will wait while he leaves.’

His messages to me match that description exactly.

It’s easy to assume that just because someone is across the country, nothing will happen. It’s easy to assume someone is bluffing, or ‘joking’, or blowing hot air. But that is all you’re doing- assuming.

Whether he’s bluffing, or trying ‘to push buttons’, is irrelevant. Just as you will be slammed to the ground by security at the airport if you say ‘Hi Jack!’ in jest to someone (that’s from the 70s and flights that were hijacked to Cuba), take these things seriously.

After all, what person over the age of 14 behaves like this? Sitting around, messaging every five minutes, every hour, every day, to an unwilling recipient, ESPECIALLY a strange man to a woman, is NOT normal behavior.

Don’t assume it’s safe if a woman does it to you, either. Crazy is crazy.

I’ve seen the movies with the pot-bellied loser type, hands dangling between his legs, just barely able to see his smarty pants phone over the bulge of his gut , tap, tap, tapping away at his screen, eyes gleaming with a mad fury, trying to get his target’s attention. I’m wise to that stuff.

Here’s the applicable law, courtesy of friends who are lawyers and law enforcement:

Intrastate e-mails that are threatening are prohibited under the laws of the state where they occur. For example, if I lived in Alabama and sent my next door neighbor an e-mail threatening to break his knees if he didn’t take down his purple fence today, I could be arrested by the local police. The jail term varies from state to state.

However. If the e-mails are sent interstate, the FBI gets involved. For example, if I live in Alabama and sent a threatening e-mail to someone in Nevada, it would be a violation of 18 U. S. Code 875(c), and carry a fine of $10,000; imprisonment of 5 years; or both. The FBI would be the arresting agency. And trial would be in Federal Court in Nevada.

Interestingly, most Federal Appeal Courts have ruled that mens rea does not apply. In other words, intent to actually carry out the threat is of no moment.The mere threat is sufficient.

(Do you see why you shouldn’t ignore or delete messages of those kinds, or assume they’re innocent of harm?)

Report such an offense directly to your local FBI office.

Volume 4, Number 2, Fall 2004
Stalking Victims Can Seek Justice in Civil Court
By Jennifer St. Clair
Most victims know that protective orders and criminal prosecutions are the first line of defense against stalkers. Yet victims have an additional option for bringing stalkers to justice: They can file civil lawsuits against stalkers and third parties who contribute to the crime. Through civil lawsuits, victims may gain financial compensation and the means to hold stalkers liable for their crimes.
This means I could sue his wife and his friend for being a party to his harassment.

Here’s something else I did; I called the attorney general’s office in his state, because I think he’s a dangerous person, and  he’s in a job that requires a certain amount of responsibility. They put me through to the DAs office, who insisted at first that they don’t investigate. Finally, the DA’s office connected me with a detective, who told me he’d talk to him in person. He forwarded the information to his local police department, also.

DON”T let any of them tell you it isn’t important, or it’s out of their jurisdiction.

There was a new message November 19, 2016, even though this person was advised ‘No contact’ by his police department.

Houston, we have a problem.

Monday I’ll call the DOT in his state, AND start looking for an attorney.  The DOT/DMV issues licenses for his profession. However, it may be that only medical professionals can report this kind of behavior.

According the attorney I spoke to, when I get the temporary protection order, his employer is informed of it. He then loses his DOT medical card. If he loses that, there are big fines for continuing to operate his vehicle, for both him and his employer.

So, I learned a little about crazies this week. We’re talking about the election and post-election events, right?

Feel free to leave comments and feedback if you’ve experienced this, or have a question. Your comment won’t be automatically posted. Tell me if you don’t want me to post it.


  1. Betsy

    Oh for Heavens sake..this is too serious to be funny…Does this mean you’re famous now? Please be safe Amiga. Loop

    • Ugh, right, Bets? It isn’t very funny, but it happened, and I wanted to let other people know they can do something about it. It’s a serious offense, even though the perps think they can get away with it.

      Thanks for reading, Bets! I’m trying to be funny, but it hasn’t been easy this last week.

      Hang in there with me. I’ll get my mojo back soon.

  2. Ranne

    My dear Gigi, You should be flattered. A stalker is usually a flawed fan envious of your superiority in a field he/she can`t hope to compete, is hopelessly in awe of you and spends his/her nights fantasizing (in allsorts of unsavoury ways). Of course, it could be that your grandmother somehow is at fault for some act or word that at some point in the distant past – screwed his/her entire family, future, or more unsavoury prospects. Or maybe they are just mini-Trumpets? Just couldn`t resist that – lol

    • Mini Trumpets! Haha! Cream filled! I love it. I’m tempted to believe you, Ms. R, but I’ve already been accused by him of being ‘egotistical, attention grabbing (ahem!) small-minded, and some other ‘unsavory’ things. Where is the YOU in unsavory? Or should I say, where is the HE in unsavory? By the way, you really grossed me out thinking of that, and I haven’t had my coffee yet. Lawdy.

  3. Ranne

    P.S. Feel sorry for folks who need to “get a life”.

  4. Ranne

    Oh yeah – you ask about the “u”. Well, I`m going to e-mail you right now England`s solution to the election. I hope you don`t take offense! It discusses that “u”. I have a British English spell check. Despite Brexit, I will keep it – I do not think Brexit and Trump are equal. Many Brexiters are regretting and want a re-vote!!!!

    • Have you seen any of the protests here? It’s quite a show. If we were a nation divided before, we’re even more divided now. I knew England was divided about that, too.

  5. Martin

    This is kind of scary. I hope your okay Gigi

    • I am so far, Martin. Just got off the phone with the justice court that serves Warrington in Pennsylvania. A judge or her assistant will call me back soon. Thanks for your good wishes.

  6. I am so sorry that you’ve had to go through this! Thank you for sharing your story, and for offering up tips on how to handle it. I seriously can’t even imagine being in your shoes…I don’t think I’d be able to come away from it all with the same aplomb. It sounds like you’re really doing everything in your power to resolve this situation, and I admire you for it.

    • Thank you, Sarah! I’m 63, so I’m still wondering whether I should have been flattered by all the attention from him, and his friend. Snort. Not hardly.

      This guy is such a psycho, I can’t imagine anyone being flattered by his attentions. He seems to have gone away, whether because my hubby commented on my other post about guns, or because of my emails to his employer (he boasted that neither his employer or the police care because he’s so well-liked), or because one of my reports to the FBI or a government agency, did some good, I’ll never know.

      It’s been quiet for three days, so I hope he’s gone forever, and I hope he loses his job. The idea of a big rig truck driver, bragging about being a sociopath, which is characterized by reckless behavior, and being on the road behind the wheel of fifty ton truck, kind of bothers me.

      Read my new post, The Tao of Stalkers, for the funny side of this, and thanks for commenting. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

      (I mentioned your blog on Quora, so I hope you got some extra traffic.)

  7. Here’s the comment to the perp that my hubby left:

    Well Mr. Klugman, it seems that you will not stop your nasty comments.

    So I ask you, is bullying women all you do with your spare time or do you scare children and abuse animals as well?

    What a tiny emotional person you must be. If you do indeed have such great anger and frustration why not point it at someone like you, possibly face to face . Not hiding on the internet and sending out poisoned messages. I see you only as a Coward.

    Why don’t you face off with another MAN and see how far your ignorance will get you.

    Oh, I forgot COWARDS don’t do things like that; they just try to intimidate women and possibly children. What a foul thing you are.

    You and your angry pitiful companions. Seek help, you neurotic.

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