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For Your Eyes Only And Anyone Else Who Sees It

Published 2016, updated 8/2017: Re: Kelley Spartiatis of  Gia Sena soaps has repeatedly maligned me, my books, and my business, and online, so many times over the last year and a half, I’ve lost count. I’d made this private, but the beat goes on. Back up it goes.

She doesn’t deserve it, but I’ve agreed to modify some of what I’ve written here. If there are anymore shenanigans, I’ll consider that the three who are involved don’t care, and are prepared to take the consequences. Don’t piss off a writer. We will describe you.

This is for your eyes only, meaning this will only be interesting only to Quora users. It is the prequel to the story of Kelley Spartiatis of Gia Sena soaps, and Rick Klugman, internet stalker. There’s a third person to this Toxic Trio, but she’s really not worth mentioning.

It’s the fascinating tale of The Hole in the Head Gang. Members of the club: 3.

For even more fun, read Kelley Spartaitis’ final (yay!) message to me as of last week, November, 2016, and mine in reply in the comments, way, way below.

The back story to this is I had written a blog post describing two people’s attempts to trash me online and drive me away from Quora in disgrace. How Victorian. I’d get pregnant if I could, and disappear into a dark and stormy night, pulling the deep cowl over my head.

Kelley Spartiatis of Gia Sena soaps and Rick Klugman, internet stalker on

I hate using my blog this way. It’s supposed to be for entertainment porpoises only! On the other hand, people love drama (even the petty stories), rumor, innuendo, and controversy. So you might like this.

You know those movies you’ve seen all your life? Those movies about someone getting blackmailed, and they give in to it, and are really a-scared, and their whole life is destroyed?

You, the viewer, are sitting there thinking, “Why is she giving in to this crap? Why doesn’t she just tell them to do what they have to do, and get it over with?”

I don’t mean to suggest my whole life is being destroyed; the IRS could do a better job if they cared to, or even the Church of Scientology, but my life is being ANNOYED. If a life can be annoyed.

Kelley, the female in the equation, is trying that with me. She sent me an email yesterday telling me she was ‘going to tell people the TRUTH about me.’ The TRUTH! Today, she says much the same thing in another email.

I’ve checked my day planner, and I see nothing penciled in- this month anyway- about a bank robbery or a homicide, or even how I cheated on my diet.  But she’s determined to tell this ‘truth’ whatever it is. So here’s her chance.

I’ve deleted names other than Icky Ughman’s, AKA, Rick Klugman, from these emails.

As for her allegations, I’ve never bad-mouthed anyone. If Spartiatis says I have, she’s lying. I’ve never ‘used’ anyone either, to ‘schmooze’ my way to the top. I didn’t know that was possible on Quora. Is there a ‘top’ to Quora? What happens if I get there? My pay doubles?

I AM, however, supremely insulted on behalf of several people, when she suggests that they’re only worth knowing because of what they can ‘do’ for people. What a nasty suggestion, a complete betrayal of them on her behalf, and a contradiction of everything she says about herself.

Reading between the lines, I know she’s had this stuff about me sitting in her holster for awhile. How she must have hated me, all while pretending to be a friend.  It really is a Lifetime plot. I might try writing one.

As for ‘playing to the crowd’, how ridiculous. I’m a writer, and I write the best way I can, and hope that people like it. If that’s being fake, then so be it, call me Fakey Fakerson. I wonder if she throws these accusations at everyone she thinks writes well? How dare they attempt to be better?

I’m publishing these two emails and will leave them up for awhile. Maybe. If I see that people really like them, I’ll play to you crowds some more, and leave them up a little longer. Leave a dollar on your way out. Then I can bribe my way to the top of Quora.

Read them or not, repost them, forget them five minutes after you’ve read them, it matters not. Just don’t let yourself be blackmailed, unless you really do have bodies buried in the basement.

You know how it will turn out. You’ll have to get really buff and tattoo all your knuckles.

Without further ado:

Kelley’s email to me:

The next time I even get a sniff of you saying anything about me or Rick I will make it my business to let everyone know who you really are.

I could go to a solicitor right now with your blog post. That was low and a complete fabrication.

(She’s referring to a post I wrote about her and Ricko the Sicko in which all I said, ALL I said, was that they were very close. Turns out I was right about him. Stalker sociopath.)

You see, I have had your number for a while now. Who’s jealous of who, Gigi? You keep saying it but the truth is that you play to the crowd. You have a face for everyone and you schmooze your way in because you are just promoting your terribly unfunny book. It’s important to you to be popular. Unlike you, I am honest and I am here because I like it. Nothing to gain at all.

My thoughts interrupt her, because it’s my blog and I can:

(I have a ‘face’ for everyone because I want to ‘schmooze’ my way in? Does this mean my whole life has been a fake, too??? Because I’ve behaved exactly the same way my entire life. But she isn’t the first miserable person to disbelieve that there really are happy people running around.

And she’s here because she really wants to be, but I don’t really ‘want’ to be on Quora? WTH? I sure am one happy masochist then. But, I don’t have a ton of homemade crap to sell, either.

I think we’ve established who’s REALLY honest here, haven’t we?  Pretending to be someone’s friend  when you secretly hate them, and taking screen shots of their private messages, is not really honest, is it? And, why does she bring up ‘popular’?  She and Sicko have a thing about popular people, and like to pretend the ‘popular’ people are narcissists who fry up their own parrots. Methinks they do protest too much.)

Remember something. I am being told everything you say by YOUR friends. Most of whom you have slagged off at one time or another to me and others.

(I have never done that. Let her prove it. I’ve never bad-mouthed anyone to anyone else.)

Fortunately I keep screenshot of everything. You never know when you might need them, eh? 

(Oh, my. Keeping screen shots of everything anyone sends her. And I’m the fake one?)

Me, I never said anything about anyone that I wouldn’t say to their face.

(Except me! Haha! )

You look for validation. The most recent example was your tearful farewell in your answer about leaving Quora. All so that people would ask you why and then beg you to stay. Pitiful.

(Yep. She and the perve  were getting my answers collapsed. She never denied it.)

Now run back to —- and tell him I’m bullying you again. He will make it all better, I’m sure.

I don’t expect a reply. That would take guts. Why say anything directly to a person when you can do it behind their back.

(Why indeed, little soapmaker? Perhaps you can cleanse yourself in your black bath of witch’s brew soap, Gia Stinka? Yeah, yeah, that’s immature, but SHE started it!)

My reply to her:

What a coincidence! I just this minute finished writing an email to Quora again about both you and Rick. And I get your email to me! You are both so predictable and wonderful in a truly ugly, hateful way.

I’ve seen your kind all of my life. You strike out fast and hard, like a venomous snake, pretending it’s because you’re such a bad ass. Inside, you are empty of anything of substance, of anything that’s good and sweet. I’m sure it has something to do with your upbringing, which is why I write about getting help if you’re a depressed parent. Who needs more of this nastiness in the world?

I know you’re trying to provoke me into saying something you can use against me, because let’s face it, you just proved it, didn’t you? You’ve been telling Quora from the beginning how mean and vicious and ‘dark’ you are. And you’re proud of it.

You save all your little emails just in case you can use them against people. Have you done that all your life? Is it because you don’t really expect people to like you or care about you and are you just waiting for something to ‘go down’ so you can ‘get them?’

I know exactly whose emails you’re using in your little toxic game with Rick. You’ve both thrown those people under the bus too, just so you can have something you can say in comments about me. That’s the kind of ‘friends’ you both are. It’s sickening and disgusting, and you have the nerve to talk about ‘friendship and loyalty’ to me!’ Amazing.

Rick is doubly amazing and not in a good way. I’ve gone to bat whenever he’s asked me to chase away trolls; I’ve written posts he’s asked me to write, and risked the BNBR policy for him; I kept in touch with him when he was edit blocked, and I nominated him for Quoran of the Week because you asked me to.

And he blithely, and without a second’s thought, discarded our friendship, and made sure he was nasty about it in the process.

Did you both really think the two other people wouldn’t notice you were using their private communications in public, or that I was really that stupid? Toxic people like you think people like me are clueless and stupid and fake, simply because I’m a nice person. And that’s where they really screw themselves. Because unlike you, I don’t have to constantly ‘prove’ something.

I don’t have to endlessly proclaim to the world what a mean bad ass bitch I am, because if I’m pushed, threatened, harassed, or someone ‘tries’ to bully me, they’ll find out for themselves what I’ll do. And I don’t have to pretend that ‘honesty and forthrightness’ means that you say something hurtful to someone’s face, like that’s some kind of virtue. I’ve heard that one all my life too, from snakes and backstabbers.

It’s NOT a virtue little one; quit getting all your life lessons from television. Read a book now and then, and not just fluff books.

You and Rick feed off of each other like little parasites, digging yourselves deeper into a hole. It’s so pathetically juvenile. I have absolutely no respect for Rick as a man, or for you as a woman. Neither of you has any sense, morality, or discretion.

Say whatever you want to whomever you want, Kelley. I don’t respond well to threats. If they believe you without talking to me first, or getting both sides of the story, well, then, they’ve just proved they aren’t really friends either, and the relationship wasn’t much of a loss.

I have never said anything to you about anyone that can’t be said from the podium of a court room. You cannot sue someone for telling the truth, and for Rick to suggest that I ‘slandered’ his wife is laughable. I don’t even know her. Both of you need to use a dictionary to look up the meanings of words. It would be libel, and I haven’t even done that.

But I did notice that instead of appreciating the fact that I took out the comments that might upset Rick’s wife, comments that didn’t state anything but the truth, instead of letting it go, you both decided to continue your campaign of insults and harassment in another answer! Again, I’m amazed.

But I want to thank you for sending this email. It’s full of innuendo and threats, and will of course, be saved. If anyone wants to see your correspondences to me, they are welcome to read them.

You should have tried doing this first, instead of using your usual nastiness to intimidate and bully people. I feel sorry for your family and for anyone who thinks you are truly a friend. You’d throw them under the bus in a New York minute, just as you’ve done to —- and —-.  (Author’s aside: You know those dashes writers use in old classics to designate a town or name they don’t want printed? That what my dashes are!)

And what I think is really hypocritical and nasty, is for you to insult the people on Quora with whom I have an acquaintance, regardless of who they are. To suggest that they are nothing to people but a way for someone else to ‘schmooze’ with, in order to promote themselves, is an egregious injustice to them, and is really an illustration of how YOU really think.

You think everyone has an ‘agenda’ like yours, to sell your little product, or else why on earth, thinks Kelley, would anyone talk to them or be friends with them?

Who thinks this way? I’ll tell you. Someone who actually does that, that’s who. I’m really insulted on behalf of them. Congratulations on that.

And to point fingers at someone, listing all the things YOU actually do, has amused me no end. You’ve blathered on about your love of upvotes and who has followers, ad nauseum. I don’t put pictures of my book in all my comments, as you do your little soaps, nor do I beg people to promote my product or ask for their suggestions.

(While she was hating me and thinking I was fake, she asked me to put her product on my blog, to which I said yes, without hesitation.)

And if you were really on there just for ‘fun’ as you say, why would you keep talking about your business, and posting pictures of it on your profile page? What hypocrisy.

I know you and Rick have been on a campaign to get my answers collapsed, and that’s why I wrote that. I meant it at the time, until I figured out that’s exactly what you both wanted. You aren’t going to drive me away. I’m made of stronger stuff than that, sweetheart.

You must have read my book if you find it so unfunny. At least I have the courage to do it, instead of pretending to be coy and fearful about everything. Do you really think your opinion is important or significant enough for me to worry about? Is this an example of your much touted ‘honesty and truth?’ Because you’ve told me several times in the past that I was a good writer. Good to know how ‘real’ you really are, and how ‘honest’.

It must be eating you up inside that other people like my stuff. I didn’t ask them to, I haven’t asked anyone to do anything about it. They contacted me, and if you read —-‘s comment, they didn’t even know I’d written a book!

Was she uninterested in being your friend, and that’s why you’re so mad? I don’t know. I’m just asking.

I’ve wasted enough time on your manipulations and transparent maneuvers. Do what you need to do, and show the people who YOU really are.

Edit: It never ends! And I can’t find the block button on my email.  She keeps sending me emails going on and on with her name calling. Someone tell me how to block emails. I am so done with this! I don’t even want to see or say their names. If you are named either of those, please change it before introducing yourself.

What I find less than fascinating about these two weirdos, is that they’re everything they accuse other people of being; false friends, fake, egotistical, gossiping, abusive, and they CANNOT stand when someone doesn’t kow tow to them.

She’s been doing math, saying that I’m the ‘common denominator’. I did my own math, and deduced that Spartiatis is the common denominator, emphasis on common, for both she and Sicko Klugman. She dragged him up on her Hate Wagon months ago, and he loves it up there.

After such a gallant effort of trashing on their part, which was quashed in short order by Quora, they got bent out of shape because I wrote about it here once again. They both claim no one reads my blog except for four people, so I can’t figure out why what I write makes a difference to them.

Spartiatis wants to sue me;  Klugman got really ticked over me adding his friend’s name, even though I gave him fair warning to quit harassing me. The mind boggles that they believe they’re the only people allowed to speak, that I shouldn’t be allowed to defend myself, and  that they should be permitted to do as they please to people without consequences.

I wish I could take back my nomination of him as Quoran of the Week. He’s one sick puppy, barely a man, and deserves an honor of no kind whatsoever.

Back to the Future, Part II. See why the post was a mess?

It’s that special time of year again, and Kelley Spartiatis, Soap Maker to the Stars!  wants people to know The Truth about me, so I’m happy to oblige her. She left the two comments,  below in italics, on my post about ‘what to do if you’re targeted by a sociopath’. I’ve awarded her special recognition as Moron of the Year. She claims she does what she does out of ‘friendship’, but I know better.

All three of them deserve special prizes for intelligence and class, as they go running around ‘telling the truth’, minding other people’s business, and just generally dirtying the world around them.

I’m going to compile all their messages into a book.

She claims I’m ‘violating copyright’ by posting her email. Brighter bulbs were never hung on a tree.  She can’t stand that people are ‘seeing the truth’ about her.  She’s welcome to try all she likes to sue me. Shouldn’t threaten people in emails and then complain when everyone finds out about you.

THEN she tells me I’m ‘defaming her and her friends’ characters, which are noticeably absent, when  I wrote the stalker post.  Mind you, Ricko the Sicko contacted me, not the other way around.

And something about telling it all out of context?

I don’t even know what that means, except that it doesn’t make her look very good, running around accusing people of being thieves and liars. I’ve got it all set down here, should her ‘copyright attorney’ want to read it. Her attorney is a second cousin, twice removed from somewhere, and I’d love for him to meet my brother, a Harvard educated attorney.

Sooo….all of this is ultimately my fault, even though I haven’t sent her or her psycho friend any form of communication for months. This lot really doesn’t need any help from me getting themselves defamed.

It doesn’t help when you accuse someone of committing a crime. You should really have proof of that, not just your crazed hatred, brewing things in your skewed brain.

THE litmus test for morons, besides the one when Sicko the Clown ignored a police warning of No Contact, she tells me that I’m the ONLY one complaining about being ‘targeted online.’

Because I am. The only one, that is. I saved all those little comments they made about me online, lo those many months ago, and which brought this post down on their tiny heads. I just re-read her message, and noticed the remark about ‘telling tales’ to his wife.

Judging by his wife’s reaction to his behavior, I’m convinced he makes a habit of this. As a friend of mine puts it, “These guys are really only five feet tall, metaphorically, and smell of cheese.” Especially once they’re in court.

Don’t remind her of my books. For some reason, their existence really bugs her and the perve.

Almost immediately after sending it to me, she decided to let her other friend do a store with the same stuff, after I’d incurred fees, the cost of return shipping, not to mention the time I spent sorting and taking pictures of it, uploading the items and writing all the necessary info. I did inform her that I would be sending it back and when, since I have no use for it, and don’t want it.

But it wasn’t done on their time frame, so I MUST be a thief and a liar.

Of course. Sociopaths project. These three are liars and sometime psychopaths, so I must be one, too. (I don’t know if they’re thieves or not. They could be.)

None of them are very bright. As demanding and bullying  as three small children, but far, far less charming. None of them appear to be cute, either.

Their friend deliberately sliced her arm so deep right around then, she had to go to therapy for three weeks, and couldn’t make more jewelry.

Somehow that was MY fault. Idiots. I’m sorry, I know they’re mentally ill, but I can’t stand this stuff. It’s so ridiculous. She’s young and healthy,  has food and shelter, and she CUTS her arm so badly she can’t do anything?

She can suck an egg.

Plus, she’s the one who was always running to me saying, “Guess what Kelley is saying! You should see this!” Ugh.

Here’s the irony, and please tell them to look up the word:

I had just sent a message to their friend, telling her I’d be mailing her stuff back on Monday, because the 11th of November was a holiday, when Ricko began to harass and threaten me. So instead of going to the post office, I had to go to the police station, and then the courthouse, and the FBI field office.  See, if you just leave well enough alone, things usually work out just fine.

You’d have thought they’d have learned the first time that I don’t respond well to threats, bullying, and harassment.

They MUST both be limping through life, because they keep shooting themselves in the foot. Both feet. I’m surprised they can walk at all.

Not only that, but if the male counterpart had been civil to begin with, I’d have been happy to tell him what was going on with his friend’s stuff.

So here’s her’ truth’ again, if you’re bored enough to read it.

Interestingly, and typical of sociopaths, neither she or he think he’s broken any laws with his stalking behavior, and sending me nasty, vile, threatening messages.

You forgot to mention why What’s His Face has even bothered acknowledging your pitiful existence. You know, you can’t go around thieving others people’s property. You take advantage of someone who is vulnerable but forget that she has friends who unlike you, actually care about her. It’s a tough old world, being an unpaid retiree and all but only the lowest cockroaches of the world would do what you did. It’s called theft and is actually a crime. Now please excuse me, I need to write to some people who have kindly shared their email addresses with me to tell them the truth about this situation. Do have a good day now, won’t you?

Edit: It never ends! And I can’t find the block button on my email.  She keeps sending me emails going on and on with her name calling. Someone tell me how to block emails. I am so done with this! I don’t even want to see or say their names. If you are named either of those, please change it before introducing yourself.

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  1. Rahul David


    How are you? Been a while since I read your blog. And I am sad that I had to read this war of words between you and the other lady. Not that I did not enjoy the repartee or snide asides or frank pranks you engineered in response to her bragathon!

    Please don’t let your differential split and allow yourself to tilt the f@#$ over! Stay calm. Those who know you won’t need an explanation. And those who don’t, won’t care to ascertain the facts before making presumptive snorts!

    Please continue writing and keep us all inspired! God bless!

    • gigi wolf

      Rahul, it is so good to hear from you! I was sad to no longer read your crazy posts. You may not believe this, but you’ve made me cry.

      You have no idea how sweet your words are. I appreciate your support and kind words very much. Let me know if you ever need anything, and I promise not to schmooze you for stuff! Hugs to you!

    • gigi wolf

      Rahul- How good to hear from you again! We’ve missed your well-written answers and good nature.

      You may not believe this, but you made me cry. Your words are so kind and thoughtful and I appreciate them very much. Let me know if you need anything, and I promise not to ‘schmooze’ you to get ahead!

      Hugs to you!

  2. Betsy

    Miss G…What in the world? Reading your story brings memories of grade school bickering among the children… Personally, I can attest to your wonderful sense of humor as well as your compassion for others. 30 yrs of friendship & I’ve never seen you act with intentional malice toward anyone. Stay the delightful writer that you are & don’t let the bad guys get you down.

    • gigi wolf

      Betsy! How are you? I hope all is well, and that you are well, and that your mom is well. Read her the latest; she’ll get a kick out of it!

      And don’t worry about me. Give people enough rope and they will hang themselves.

      Look at her latest comment. Does she intend to die before she gets to be our age? How very kind of her, no?

      By the way, thank you so much for your sweet words. When can I drive out to see you, chica?

      I just saw the greatest phrase, Don’t Fuck With Writers. It couldn’t have come at a better time! Hugs!

  3. Kelley Spartiatis

    I meant every fucking word you dried up old has been. I don’t care if you print it!

  4. William Jennings

    Wow! And I thought my ex “love” couldn’t be topped. Ol’ Kelley just took her place. And I don’t even know her.

    • gigi wolf

      It’s scary out there, dude! You just come to me if you need to vent. I can take it. I have a bottle of ten year old Scotch. Wait, is that underage?

    • gigi wolf

      I posted this one again, William. She won’t stop sending me nasty little emails, so I guess I’ll just ‘bite’ again. She keeps sticking her finger in the Wolf’s mouth.

  5. working husband/grateful provider

    Again the lesson of the glad handers. Sorry Honey, but as others have said don’t let the mean one’s change you. Stay happy and gleeful in your life as you have always been. As always you will ever have my Love and support.

  6. William Jennings

    I turned on all the notifs on Q, Medium and here. I’m getting notice here via email, and on Q (but not via email). I ain’t giving it to ya’ on a public forum.

    • gigi wolf

      Of course not. You and I are very intelligent.

      • William Jennings

        Well, I don’t know ’bout me. I received my PhD years ago, and never used it.

        • gigi wolf

          Hey, I got a masters a few years back, and worked for peanuts as a sub! Let’s form a club. Don’t expect me to keep the books.

          Mine was in teaching, not math.

          • William Jennings

            Mine was in Systematic Theology.

            (I know…”WTH is that!?). Don’t bother, but one can always Google it if really bored.)

          • gigi wolf

            I’m holstering that one for a rainy day. Which may never hit Vegas again.
            Wow. Just wow.

  7. Well if it takes a “dried up old has been” to be as genuinely funny and intelligent as you are – I`d like to be one too! X

    • gigi wolf

      Thank you, my friend! My thought is, ‘Can I be a Has Been, if I was a Never Was?’ hahahaha!

  8. Kelley

    Unlike you i have not printed your name publicly or said anything publicly making me liable to libel (lol) and I have not made public your emails so therefore not violated copyright.
    You may think that because i am in the UK I cant touch you legally. I suggest that you seek legal advice on that.

    Other than court fees it costs me nothing because i have a solicitor in my family. So all this talk on your blog is further ammunition against yourself. You can print this, no copyright violation so go ahead.

    You should expect legal notice in the near future. You will be delighted to know that as per advice from my solicitor, you wont hear anything further directly from me.

    • Say it ain’t so! Never hear from you AGAIN? How will I stand it?

      Please, have your sah-lis-ah-tah contact me ASAP. I’d be happy to show and tell him, or her, all the ways you and Rick have trashed me online, and let him, or her, look at the dates of each incident and see who drew first blood, and brought this all down on their tiny heads.

      Perhaps your attorney would also like to hear about conspiracy to commit harassment?

      ‘Cause I’ve got at least five pages of sick emails and nasty, vulgar comments for them to read from your creepy friend. Nice company you keep. You’re both freaks. And ALL of it was written AFTER a No Contact by the police and my own cease and desist warning.

      Who initiated contact after all these months, again? Who decided to be judge and jury for a ‘crime’ she decided I’d committed on the word of someone else, who’s, to put it in your words, ‘vulnerable’? Who didn’t bother to even find out the facts of the case before running around accusing people of a crime, you freaking, lying piece of dirt? Who posted comments about who on Quora after a mutual blocking, because Who got her knickers in a knot and couldn’t stand not getting the last word always? Who can’t take it when someone decides to protect themselves from your toxic, nasty, green, vile, spewing hatred?

      Poor you, that’s who. And Rick.

      I warned CJ two days ago I didn’t want to ever hear from her or you two again, but she didn’t care. She didn’t believe I’d do anything. The very next day, she’s commenting on your stupid answer on Quora. Which I saved, by the way, along with your first efforts at trashing me, and everything else you’ve written.

      You remember the first answer, right? The answer that STARTED all of this? Or does your memory only work when it’s to YOUR advantage?

      Rick didn’t care either, when he continued to send me emails and post comments on this blog. If a pervert like him was doing that to your daughter, you’d be flipping your tiny lid. He’s a coward, a creep, and a criminal.

      You didn’t care when you decided to interfere in MY business under the guise of ‘helping’ a friend, as if you would know anything about that. You had no business sticking your nose in MY business, ever, AT ALL.

      If you wanted to intervene for CJ, all you had to do was ask, or ask someone to ask for you, in a polite manner. I don’t care enough about any of you to have turned down your request for information.

      Or do you know anything at ALL about that? I know you pride yourself on your big, bad self, telling people to ‘fuck off’ all the time as if that makes you ‘honest’. What a joke. Honest. Knowing how to say the word ‘fuck’ supposedly makes you ‘real,’ and being kind and polite makes other people ‘fake.’ Nice world you live in.

      You’ve also accused me of committing a crime, online, and called me a thief and a liar, and I’ll be happy to show that to your attorney, too.

      All of this could have been avoided, had any of you acted like decent human beings in the first place. We all blocked each other, and could have moved on, but you had to keep exacting your little revenges.

      It’s been two weeks of your perve friend’s harassment, and I’ve filed complaints with government and state agencies against his trucking company. Not to mention the FBI, and a bunch of other agencies. I know he’s done this to other women. His wife was WAY too casual about it.

      I’m going to keep filing complaints. He deserves to lose his job, the psycho coward PERVERT.

      Neither of you gave a damn for the consequences of your actions, and neither does CJ. I asked her to get Rick to stop harassing me two weeks ago and she refused. I told her to tell you both to never, ever contact me again two days ago, and you all have ignored it. You can all suck eggs.

      Both you and Rick just keep making it worse for all three of you. Congratulations! You are Officially a Moron.

      I just read your comment again, and I’m shaking! Let’s pit your silly solicitor, who’s criminal law, and pit him against my brother, who’s a Harvard lawyer. That should be good.

      Go ahead and post all my emails. I’m not like you, telling tales, and saving up stuff in case I ‘need to use it against people.’ Honest. What a joke.

    • And by the way, CJ didn’t ‘side’ with me. We just remained friends, in spite of her Royal Highness Kelley deciding that she’d bad mouth me to everyone to get them ‘to side with her.’

      I know all about that. I, on the other hand, have never told anyone on Quora about this spat, or even told anyone about this post, or tried to get them to ‘not like you.’ You’re such a child.

      In fact, I’ve been so quiet about it, people were asking me where Rick was! We knew where he was, didn’t we, Kel?

  9. Alfredo Perozo

    And from what I gather, these ruffians are *still* whining about what happened, and still, in their minds, they were somehow terribly wronged by you, and everything they did was somehow justified and righteous.

    Remember the question about you, the other day? There they were, the whole pack of them, now that I thought I wouldn’t have to see them again. I can’t stand the sight of these fucking arseholes.

    • About the whining, I forgot to tell you: I’ve seen their comments and answers about how I was the one ‘who drove him away from Quora’. Such a joke. He’d stopped writing on it in October because of his mental health issues. Then, he left after he started harassing me and used me as an excuse. But he was really angry about not being picked as TW, and he mentions his ‘body of work’. I almost fell on the floor laughing! Body of work! Haha!

      Yes, I saw those answers. I didn’t blame the OP. He didn’t know about the whole thing. I don’t go around telling everyone. If they want to know, it’s here on the blog, but otherwise, I don’t bother people with it.

      All those twerps had to do was ‘Pass’ on answering it. I wrote to Quora mods to report the answers, and have them deleted. I also told them that I have a protection order against RK. But the answers have been collapsed, anyway.

      These three are idiots. I consulted Will to see if I should report Ick Ray’s (Rick in pig latin! haha!) answer to the court, but he said to just ignore it. If you look at the edits of the questions, they were worse, but they changed their wording. Ick Ray even mentions swallowing a bullet. Because you know, I just won’t leave HIM alone! Haha! Morons, I tell you. I leave them strictly alone, but they can’t do the same. That’s why I published the story here.

      They’re obsessed with me, and I should be flattered. I’m not. He’s right about one thing; I want to see him fired from his job as a commercial truck driver. I think he’s dangerous.

      I watch those ‘true crime’ shows and every single one of the perps always blame someone else for what THEY did. It’s freaking amazing.

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